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Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-6.2

The second type of personal suffixes are used, like I had talked about before too.


ise m isem if I
ise n isen if you
ise   ise if it/she/he
ise k isek if we
ise niz iseniz if you
ise ler


if they




aç isem (if i am hungry)

aç isen (if you are hungry)

aç ise (if he is hungry)

aç isek (if we are hungry)

aç iseniz (if you are hungry)

aç iseler (if they are hungry)


"i" is going to disappear and "-se/-sa" is going to obey the vowel harmonies when we want to write as suffix.


aç+ise+m--------->aç+ise+m-->aç+sa+m---->açsam (if i´m hungry)

aç+ise+n---------->aç+ise+n-->aç+sa+n----->açsan (if you are hungry)

aç+ise+----------->aç+ise+--->aç+sa+------->açsa (if he is hungry)

aç+ise+k---------->aç+ise+k-->aç+sa+k------>açsak (if we are hungry)

aç+ise+niz-------->aç+ise+niz->aç+sa+n覺z---->açsan覺z (if you are hungry)

aç+ise+ler--------->aç+ise+ler->aç+sa+lar----->açsalar (if they are hungry)

/aç+lar+ise-------->aç+lar+ise-->aç+lar+sa----->açlarsa (if they are hungry)


yemek (1to eat,2the meal)

haz覺rlamak (1to prepare, 2to cook (for the meals))


Açsan yemek haz覺rlayabilirim. (I can cook if you are hungry)

/Aç isen


kitap (book)

benim (my)

senin (your)

niye, neden (why)

demek (to say)


senin ise--->seninse (if it is yours)

de+me+yor+sin--->demiyorsun (you aren´t saying)


bu kitap senin (this book is yours)

niye "benim" demiyorsun? (why don´t you say "it is mine"?)

Bu kitap seninse niye "benim" demiyorsun? (Why don´t you say "it is mine" if this book is yours?)


It would be exactly the same if you wrote "senin ise".


pahal覺 (expensive)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive, 4...5...6....)


deil ise--->deilse (if it isn´t)

pahal覺 deil (it isn´t expensive)

al+r+im--->al覺r覺m (i take/i buy)


Pahal覺 deilse al覺r覺m. (I buy if it isn´t expensive.)


"i" is going to become "y" because "ise" is going to be add a vowel-ended word. I don´t need to say "-sa/-se" is going to obey the vowel harmony because the vowel harmonies are the most essential in Turkish)


vakit, zaman (time)

gece (the night)

yar覺 (half-)

gürültü yapmak (to make noise)

yanl覺 (1false, 2wrong, ....)

olmak (1to be, 2.to become, 3to happen,4..5....7...)


gece yar覺+覺(poss.)-->gece yar覺s覺 (midnight (direct: half of night))

vakit gece yar覺s覺 (the time is midnight)


ol+r---->olur (it is (direct: it does be))


Vakit gece yar覺s覺ysa gürültü yapmak yanl覺 olur. (It is false to make noise if the time is midnight)


s覺nav (the exam)

haftaya (in next week)

imdiden (from now on)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study, 3....4....5...)

balamak (1to start, 2to begin, ...)


haftaya ise------------>haftayaysa (if it is in next week)


S覺nav haftayaysa çal覺maya imdiden balaman gerek. (You need to start to study from now on if the exam is in next week.)


tok (full (not hungry))

daha fazla (more (comparative of "much"))

yemek (1to eat, 2.....)


tok isen---->toksan (if you are full)

ye+me+- -->yeme (don´t eat)


Toksan daha fazla yeme. (Eat no more if you are full (direct: don´t eat more .....))


aç覺k (1open, 2light (for colours), 3too far (for sea), 4...5...)

banka (the bank)

saat kaç? (what time is it?, what is the time?)

öyle (so)

kapal覺 (closed)

-dir (1...2....3guessing/possibility, 4...5...6..)


aç覺k ise------>aç覺ksa (if it is open)

banka+e---->bankaya (to the bank)

git+ecek+iz->gideceiz (we will go)

öyle ise------>öyleyse (if so)



-Aç覺ksa bankaya gideceiz. Saat kaç? (We will go to the bank if it is open. What time is it?)

-Alt覺. (Six.)

-Öyleyse kapal覺d覺r. (If so, it may be closed.)

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