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Dative Case (İsmin -e Hali - Yönelme Hali)

There are many situations to use -e suffix. Here they are:

1- When it is used, the word receives the condition of "to" (going towards, inclining). It´s in the element of the sentence that is found when you ask "nereye, kime, neye" (to where, to whom, to what) questions to the verb.

Sinemaya gidelim - Let´s go to cinema


Geçen hafta Murat´a gittim - Last week I went to Murat (Murat´s place)

2- It gives the meaning of price.

Bu kitabı 10 liraya aldım. - I bought this book for 10 lira

3- It states time and makes adverb phrases.

Bu ödev akşama biter - This homework finishes at the evening


Haftaya size geleceğiz - Next week we will come to you

4- It connects nouns to prepositions. (No words to define this condition)

Yaşına göre ağır bir iş yapıyor - He is doing a hard work for his age 


Sabaha kadar kar yağdı - It snowed until the morning

5- It makes idioms.

Yoluna koymak - To get back on the rails (literally: to put back on rails)


Başa gelen çekilir - What can´t be cured must be endured (literally: what comes to head is endured)

6- It forms a reason, a possessive link.

Bunları size aldık - We got these for you


Kardeşini görmeye gitti - He went to see his brother

7- It forms doublings and states a condition.

Koştuktan sonra nefes nefese kaldı - She got out of breath after running.

8- When used with -en, -an suffix, it makes doublings of exaggeration.

Senin durumun hakkında soran sorana - Many are asking about your situation.

9- It comes to word groups that are conjugated but lost their verb features.

Geçmiş olsuna gittik - We went to (say) get well soon

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