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-den -2

Indeed, a full correct comparison is done by saying "-den daha". You had learnt in the lessons of comparison in adjectives that "daha" gives comparison meaning. And I also had said the meaning doesn´t alter even if you don´t use "daha" as long as there is no situation that ambiguity may happen. 


evlenmek (to get married)
almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3..4...5.6..7..)
televizyon (the television)
geçen (1the one that passes/passed/is passing, 2last)
y覺l, sene (the year)
salam (1strong ,2sound, 3healthy, 4tough)
ç覺kmak (1to go out, 2to ascend, 3to flirt, 4to be understood, 5...6..7...)

evlen+dik+miz+de---------------->evlendiimizde (when we got/get married)

al+d覺k+m覺z----------------------->ald覺覺m覺z (that/what we take/took)

evlendiimizde ald覺覺m覺z televizyon (the television we bought when we got married)

geçen y覺l ald覺覺m覺z televizyon (the television we bought last year)

geçen y覺l ald覺覺m覺z televizyondan [daha] salam (tougher than the television we bought last year)



Evlendiimizde ald覺覺m覺z televizyon, geçen y覺l ald覺覺m覺z televizyondan daha salam ç覺kt覺. (Thus we see the television we bought when we got married is tougher than the television we bought last year.)


yar覺n (tomorrow)

bugün (today)

komak (to run)

h覺zl覺 (fast)


ko+d覺k+n----------------------->kotuun (that you run/ran)

bugün kotuundan [daha] h覺zl覺 (faster than you ran/run today)

ko+mal覺+s覺n-------------------->komal覺s覺n (you must/should run)


Yar覺n bugün kotuundan h覺zl覺 komal覺s覺n. (You must/should run tomorrow faster than you ran today.)


sohbet, muhabbet (the chat)

ders (the lesson)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study, 3to try to,4..5...6.)

önemli (important)


sohbet+miz---------------------->sohbetimiz (our chat)

/muhabbet+miz------------------->muhabbetimiz (our chat)

ders çal覺+ma(noun)+n----------->ders çal覺man (your studying lesson)

ders çal覺mandan [daha] önemli (important than the fact that you study lesson)


Bizim muhabbetimiz senin ders çal覺mandan önemli deil. (Our chat isn´t more imporant than your studying lesson.)


mühendis (the engineer)

olarak (as)

konu (the topic, the subject, the matter)

anlamak (to understand)

kötü (bad)

bir ey (something)

olmak (1to be, 2...3...)


bu konu+lar(plural)+覺(accusative)--->bu konular覺 (these topics (acc.))

anla+ma(negative)+ma(noun)+n覺z--->anlamaman覺z (your not understanding)

anlamaman覺zdan [daha] kötü (worse than you don´t understand)
ol+ama+z-------------------------->olamaz (it can´t be)


Mühendis olarak bu konular覺 anlamaman覺zdan daha kötü bir ey olamaz. (Nothing can be worse than you don´t understand these topics as engineers.)


resim (the picture)


resim+n--------------------->resimin--->resmin (your picture)

benim (my)

benim+ki-------------------->benimki (mine)

benim+ki+den--------------->benimkinden (from mine)

benimkinden [daha] güzel (more beautiful than mine)

Senin resmin benimkinden güzel. (Your picture is more beautiful than mine.)


almak (1to take, 2..3.4..5.5.6)

puan (the point (numerical scale of succeed))

yüksek (high)


al+d覺k+lar覺 puan-------------->ald覺klar覺 puan (the point they take/took)

al+d覺k+m-------------------->ald覺覺m (that/what I took/take)

ald覺覺mdan [daha] yüksek (higher than (what) I take/took)


Onlar覺n ald覺覺 puanlar benim ald覺覺mdan daha yüksek. (The points they took are higher than the one I took.)


ödemek (to pay)

para (1the money, 2the cost)

tahmin etmek (to guess)

iki (two)

kat (1the floor (of a building), 2time (multiplying mathematically))

fazla (much)


öde+dik+m-------------------->ödediim (that/what I pay/paid)

ödediim para (the cost I paid/pay)

tahmin et+dik+m-------------->tahmin ettiim (that/what I guess/guessed)

iki kat fazla (two times more)

tahmin ettiimden iki kat fazla (two times more than I guess/guessed)

fazla idi---------------------->fazlayd覺 (it was much)


Ödediim para, tahmin ettiimden iki kat fazlayd覺. (The cost I paid was two times more than I guessed.)


sanmak, düünmek (to think, to suppose)

yak覺覺kl覺 (handsome)


düün+dik+m--------------->düündüüm (that/what I thought/think)

düündüümden [daha] yak覺覺kl覺 (more handsome than I thought/think)

yak覺覺kl覺+imi+sin------------>yak覺覺kl覺ym覺s覺n. (you are handsome (i hope you haven´t forgetten "-mi"))


Düündüümden yak覺覺kl覺ym覺s覺n. (Oh! You are handsome than I had thought.)


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