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the passive voice - 1

1) The passive suffix comes after the causative suffix.

y覺kamak (to wash)

y覺katmak (to make sth. wash)

y覺kat覺lmak (to be made wash)

görmek (to see)

göstermek (to show)

gösterilmek (to be showed)

ölmek (to die)

öldürmek (to kill)

öldürülmek (to be killed)

2) The passive suffix for the verbs which end with vowel or "-l" is "-n".


olarak (as)

öksürmek (to cough)

demek (to say)


denmek (to be said)


de+n+r(present simple)

Türkler olarak biz biri öksürdüünde ona "çok yaa" deriz. (As Turks, we say "live much" to him when he coughs. (direct: As Turks, when someone coughs, we say to him/her "live much".)


Biri öksürdüünde ona "çok yaa" denir. (When someone coughs, it is said "live much" to him/her.)


ertelemek (to delay, to put off)


ertelenmek (to be delayed, to be put off)


hafta+a(dative)--->haftaya (next week (direct: to the week))

San覺r覺m hoca s覺nav覺 haftaya erteleyecek. (I think the teacher will delay the exam until the next week.)



San覺r覺m s覺nav haftaya ertelenecek. (I think the exam will be delayed until next week.)


temiz (clean)


temizlemek (to clean)


temizlenmek (to be cleaned)


kütüphane (the library)



Okul müdürü "Kütüphane her gün temizlenmeli" dedi. (The school director said "The library must be cleaned everyday".)


haz覺r (ready)


haz覺rlamak (to prepare)


haz覺rlanmak (to be prepared)



Yeni bir liste haz覺rland覺. (A new list was prepared.)


beklemek (1to wait, 2to expect)


beklenmek (1to be waited, 2to be expected)



Senden her ey beklenebilir. (Everything can be expected from you.)


sinyal (the signal)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive)


al覺nmak (1to be taken, 2to be bought, 3to be received)


al+n+ama+yor(present continuous)

Sinyal al覺nam覺yor. (No signal can´t be received.)


bilmek (to know)


bilinmek (to be known)


ol+dik+i(poss.)------->olduu (that he is)

bil+n+me(negative)+yor(present cont.)

Kim olduu bilinmiyor. (It isn´t known who he is.)


kolye (the necklace)

çalmak (1to steal, 2to play (musical enstrument), 3..4.5..6....)


çal覺nmak (1to be stolen, 2to be played, 3..4..5...6.)



Ablam覺n kolyesi çal覺nd覺. (The necklace of my sister was stolen.)


orta (middle)

dou (east)

Ortadou (the Middle East)

dinlemek (to listen to)


dinlenmek (1to be listened to, 2to take a rest (but this meaning has no connection with passive voice. it is connected with reflexive mood.))


dinle+n+me+z(present simple)

Rock müzik Ortadou´da çok fazla dinlenmez. (The rock music isn´t listened in the Middle East very much.)


üye (the member)


üyelik (the membership)



yenilemek (1to renew, 2to renovate)


yenilenmek (1to be renewed, 2to be renovated)



yenile+n+me(noun)+i(poss.)-->yenilenmesi (direct: its renewal / its being renewed)

üyeliinizin yenilenmesi (the renewal of your membership)

Üyeliinizin yenilenmesi gerekiyor. (It is needed that your membership is renewed. (direct: Your membership needs to be renewed.))


Note: The suffix "-le" has no connection with passive voice. I started to show it because I will explain that suffix a few lessons later. But I haven´t decided yet, in which category i will put it (intermediate or advanced).


ayn覺 (same)

durum (1the position, 2the condition, 3the sitation)

yaamak (1to live, 2to experience, to undergo, to live)


durum+lar+覺n(gen.)-->durumlar覺n (of the situations)

yaa+n+ma(neg.)+ma(noun)+覺(poss.)-->yaanmamas覺 (direct: its not being experienced)

yaanmamas覺 için (so that it isn´t experienced (direct: for its not being experienced))


Ayn覺 olaylar覺n yaanmamas覺 için daha dikkatli olmal覺y覺z. (We should be more careful so that the same sitations aren´t experienced.)


anlamak (to understand)


"anlamak" is made passive with reciprocal voice. Its passive form isn´t "anlanmak"

anla+(recpr)+覺l+mak---->anla覺lmak (to be understood)

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