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The numbers - 1

0 s覺f覺r 20 yirmi 1000000000 bir milyar
1 bir 30 otuz    
2 iki 40 k覺rk    
3 üç 50 elli    
4 dört 60 altm覺    
5 be 70 yetmi    
6 alt覺 80 seksen    
7 yedi 90 doksan    
8 sekiz 100 yüz    
9 dokuz 1000 bin    
10 on 1000000 bir milyon    


10 (on) + 1 (bir)------------------------>11 (on bir)

10 (on) + 5 (be)----------------------->15 (on be)

10 (on) + 8 (sekiz)---------------------->18 (on sekiz)

20 (yirmi)+4 (dört)---------------------->24 (yirmi dört)

30 (otuz)+3 (üç)------------------------>33 (otuz üç)

60 (altm覺+7(yedi)----------------------->67 (altm覺 yedi)


100 (yüz) + 40 (k覺rk) + 1 (bir)------------>141 (yüz k覺rk bir)

300 (üç yüz)+70(yetmi)+9(dokuz)------->379 (üç yüz yetmi dokuz)

800 (sekiz yüz)+1 (bir)------------------->801 (sekiz yüz bir)


1000 (bin) + 400 (dört yüz) + 50 (elli) + 3(üç)-->1453 (bin dört yüz elli üç)

2000 (iki bin) + 10 (on) + 3 (üç)--------------->2013 (iki bin on üç)

10000(on bin)+ 2 (iki)------------------------->10002 (on bin iki)

100000(yüz bin)+ 80 (seksen)+6 (alt覺)---------->100086 (yüz bin seksen alt覺)


1000000 (bir milyon)+700000(yedi yüz bin)------>1700000 (bir milyon yedi yüz bin)


If you write the numbers numerically, the apostrophe is needed.


2011´de deiliz. (We are in 2013.)

=襤ki bin on birde deiliz.


Hesab覺n覺zda 420 TL kalm覺t覺r. (420 TL has remained in your account.)

=Hesab覺n覺zda dört yüz yirmi TL kalm覺t覺r.


Beikta 1903´te kuruldu. (Beikta was found in 1903.)

=Beikta bin dokuz yüz üçte kuruldu.


yüz y覺l (hundred years) ----> yüzy覺l, as覺r (the century)


Bu, eer yap覺l覺rsa gelecek yüzy覺l覺n en önemli icad覺 olur. (This becomes the most important invention of the next century if it is done.)

önem (the importance), önemli (important)

icat (the invention) [pronunciation: iicat]



The suffix of ordinal numbers is "-(i)nci". If you write the number numerically, you put a point after the number. This time, you mustn´t bring "-(i)nci" because that point is already expressing the ordinalness.

1. = birinci

1inci / 1.inci / bir.


1. birinci 20. yirminci 1000000. bir milyonuncu
2. ikinci 30. otuzuncu 1000000000. bir milyar覺nc覺
3. üçüncü 40. k覺rk覺nc覺

4. dördüncü 50. ellinci kaç? how many?
5. beinci 60. altm覺覺nc覺 kaç覺nc覺? in which ordinal?
6. alt覺nc覺 70. yetmiinci    
7. yedinci 80. sekseninci    
8. sekizinci 90. doksan覺nc覺  son last 
9. dokuzuncu 100. yüzüncü sonuncu in last position 
10. onuncu 1000. bininci    


yar覺 (the race)

gelmek (to come), olmak (1to be, 2to become,3to happen, to occur, 4to ripen (intr.), 5..6.7..8)


yar覺+da(locative)-------------->yar覺ta (in the race)

ol+d覺(simple past)+m----------->oldum (i became/have been,become)

gel+di+m---------------------->geldim (i came)


Yar覺ta dördüncü geldim. (I finished the race as fourth one. (direct: I came in the race fourth.))

=Yar覺ta dördüncü oldum.


Yar覺ta kaç覺nc覺 geldiler? (In which position did they finish the race? (direct: In which ordinal did they come in the race?)


geçen (last (for days, months, years))

Cumartesi (Saturday)

Marmara (the (Sea of) Marmara)

deprem (the earthquake) 

y覺l (the year)

dönüm (turning)


Marmara deprem+i(poss.)-->Marmara Depremi (the Earthquake of Marmara)

Marmara Deprem+i+in(gen.)>Marmara Depremi´nin (of the Earthquake of Marmara)

y覺l dönüm+i(poss.)--------->y覺l dönümü (the anniversary)

y覺l dönüm+i+idi-->y覺l dönüm+iydi-->y覺l dönümüydü (it was the anniversary)


Geçen Cumartesi 1999 Marmara Depremi´nin on dördüncü y覺l dönümüydü. (The last Saturday was the fourteenth anniversary of 1999 Earthquake of Marmara.)


The difference between "ilk" and "birinci".


They are very close to each other. But they have difference.


"ilk" isn´t an ordinal number exactly. If something is "ilk (first)", we understand nothing else like it hasn´t existed before.


ameliyat (surgeonal operation)

tecrübe, deneyim (the experience) ["tecrübe" is Arabic origined, "deneyim" is Turkish.]


ameliyat deneyim+i(poss.)--->ameliyat deneyimi (the operation experience)


Bu benim ilk ameliyat deneyimim. (This is my first operation experience.)

Bu benim birinci ameliyat deneyimim. [Indeed, this is correct both gramatically and meaningly as well. But the other one is better to hear. Therefore we don´t prefer this to use.]

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