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The numbers - 2

gün (the day)

hafta (the week)

ay (1the month, 2the moon (better to write: Ay))


(the interior, the inside)

hafta iç+i(poss.) [indefinite possessive determiner]

hafta içi (the weekdays)


son (the end)

hafta son+i(poss.)

hafta sonu (the weekend)


According to the recent arrangements of TDK (Türk Dil Kurumu: Association of Turkish Language, that arranges our language.), the names of days and months are not started by capital letter. But I think this is illogical, because those names must be a kind of proper nouns as well. I will write them like TDK gives.


pazartesi Monday evvelsi gün the day before yesterday
sal覺 Tuesday dün yesterday
çaramba Wednesday bugün* today
perembe Thursday yar覺n* tomorrow
cuma Friday    
cumartesi Saturday geçen ... last ...
pazar Sunday gelecek ...
önümüzdeki ... 
next ...


*bu (this)


... gün+i(possessive)------>... günü (the day of ...) [[this is not a special thing. this is normal indefinite possessive determiner.]


balamak (to start, to begin)

bala+acak+- --------------->balayacak (it will start)

Festival perembe günü balayacak. (The festival will start on Thursday.)

=Festival perembe balayacak.


her (every)

hafta sonu (the weekend)

köy (the village)

gitmek (to go)


köy+e(dative)--------------->köye (to the village)

git+r+iz--------------------->gideriz (we go)


Her hafta sonu köye gideriz. (We go to the village every weekend.)


sabah (the morning)

akam (the evening)

-e kadar (until, till)

okul (the school)


pazartesi+ler(plural)+i---------->pazartesileri (in Mondays)

sabah+dan-------------------->sabahtan (from the morning)

akam+a kadar---------------->akama kadar (until evening)

okul+da+覺m-------------------->okulday覺m (i´m at the school)


Pazartesileri sabahtan akama kadar okulday覺m. (I´m at the school from morning to evening in Mondays.)


olmak (to be)

ol+r(pres. simp)+im----------->olurum (I am (direct: I does be))


Pazartesileri sabahtan akama kadar okulda olurum. (I does be at the school from morning to evening in Mondays.)


son+lar------>sonlar (the ends)

hafta sonlar+覺 -------------->hafta sonlar覺 (the weekends)


Hafta sonlar覺 köye giderim. (I go to the village at the weekends.)


But we don´t make the "hafta içi" plural.


youn (1dense, 2intensive, 3busy (synonym: megul))

ol+(i)yor+im--------------->oluyorum (i´m being)


Hafta içi çok youn oluyorum. (I am [being] too busy in weekdays.)


k覺 winter ilkbahar
spring yaz summer sonbahar
aral覺k December mart March haziran* June eylül September
ocak January nisan* April temmuz July ekim October
ubat February may覺s May austos August kas覺m November

*pronunciation: niisan

*pronunciation: haziiran


k覺覺n in winter ilkbaharda
in spring
yaz覺n in summer sonbaharda
in autumn


Türkiye (Turkey)

okul (the school)

balamak (to start, to begin)


Türkiye+de----------------->Türkiye´de (in Turkey)

okul+lar-------------------->okullar (the school)

eylül+de-------------------->eylülde (in September)

bala+r+- ------------------>balar (it starts)


Türkiye´de okullar eylülde balar. (In Turkey, the schools start in September.)

Türkiye´de okullar eylül balar.


Ankara (the capital city of Turkey)

gelmek (to come)


Ankara+dan(ablative)------>Ankara´dan (from Ankara)

may覺s+da----------------->may覺sta (in May)

gel+di+m------------------>geldim (i came)


Ankara´dan may覺sta geldim. (I came from Ankara in May.)


yeni (new)

ev (the house, the home)

ta覺nmak (to move)


yeni ev+miz+e-------------->yeni evimize (to our house)

geçen temmuz+da(loc.)----->geçen temmuzda (in last July)

ta覺n+d覺+k------------------>ta覺nd覺k (we moved)


Yeni evimize geçen temmuzda ta覺nd覺k. (We moved to our new home in last July.)

=Yeni evimize geçen temmuz ta覺nd覺k.


ne (what)

yapmak (to do)


yap+r+s覺n------------------->yapars覺n (you do)

Yaz覺n ne yapars覺n? (What do you do in summer?)



Yazlar覺 ne yapars覺n? (What do you do in summers?)


If you bring a demonstrative adjective to the time adverb of seasons, you can´t write them as "yaz覺n, k覺覺n, etc."


Geçen yaz yurt d覺覺na ç覺kt覺m. (I went abroad last summer.)

Bu k覺 hiç kar yamad覺. (It never snowed in this winter.)


tarih (1the date, 2the history)


22 Austos 2013 (yirmi iki austos iki bin on üç)


Türkiye Cumhuriyeti 29 Ekim 1923´te kuruldu. (The Turkish Republic was founded in 29th of October, 1938.)

Ankara Üniversitesi bu y覺l 16 Eylül´de balayacak. (The Ankara University will begin on 16th of September this year.)


Now, remember the definite possessive determiner.


ay+覺n üç+i------>ay覺n üçü (third day of the month (direct: three of month))

ay+覺n yirmi iki+i->ay覺n yirmi ikisi (twenty second day of the month)

Bugün ay覺n yirmi ikisi. (Today isn´t third (day) of the month.)


ay+覺n be+i+de->ay覺n beine (on the fifth day of the month)

Ay覺n beinde ameliyat olaca覺m. (I will undergo an operation on fifth of the month.)

Ay覺n yirmi dördünü bekliyorlar. S覺nav sonuçlar覺 o gün aç覺klanacak. (They are waiting for the twenty fourth (day) of the month. The exam results will be explained in that day.)

Oraya ay覺n yedisinden önce gidemem. (I can´t go there before the seventh (day) 

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