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... diye - 1

It´s a verbal adjective. It bases on "demek" "(to say)".

Its formation is this way: de+e(adverbal)---> diye


Erdinç (a Turkish male name)

biri, birisi (1one of them, 2someone)

tan覺mak (1to know who he is, 2to recognize)


Erdinç diye birisi (someone called Erdinç (direct: someone, whose name is Erdinç)


Erdinç diye birisini tan覺m覺yorum. (I don´t know anyone called Erdinç.)


Girne (a city that locates at the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

ehir, il (city)


bir ehir (a city)

Girne diye bir ehir (a city called Girne)


Türkiye´de Girne diye bir ehir yok. Girne, Kuzey K覺br覺s´ta. (There is no city called Girne in Turkey. Girne locates on the Northern Cyprus. (direct: .... Girne is in/at the Northern Cyprus))


sar覺lma makinas覺 (hug box)

bir ey (something)

icat etmek (to invent)


sar覺lma makinas覺 diye bir ey (something called hug box)


Sar覺lma makinas覺 diye bir ey icat edilmi. (Something called "hug box" has been invented.)


körelmek (to become blunt)

sözcük, kelime (word)

hat覺rlamak (to remember)

anlam覺na gelmek (to mean (direct: to come sth´s meaning))

ne (what)

bilmek (to know)


ne anlam+a(dative) gel+dik+i(possessive)+i(accusative) --> ne anlama geldiini (what it means (direct: that what it means))


"körelmek" diye bir sözcük (a word called "körelmek")


"körelmek" diye bir sözcük hat覺rl覺yorum ama ne anlama geldiini bilmiyorum. (I remember a word called "körelmek" but I don´t remember what it means.)


Çanlar Kimin 襤çin Çal覺yor? (direct: For Whom Are The Bells Tolling?) [We call him in Turkish by this name. Otherwise, I know its original name "For Whom The Bell Tolls (Çan Kimin 襤çin Çal覺yor?)" is.]

roman (novel)


Ernest Hemingway+in(genitive)--------->Ernest Hemingway´in

roman+覺------------------------------->roman覺 (his novel)

"Çanlar Kimin 襤çin Çal覺yor" diye bir roman覺 (a novel of him called "For Whom The Bell Tolls?")


Ernest Hemingway´in "Çanlar Kimin 襤çin Çal覺yor" diye bir roman覺 var. (Ernest Hemingway has a novel called "For Whom The Bell Tolls".)


"Hiç bozuk paran覺z var m覺?" ("Do you have any coin?)

soru (question)

sormak (to ask)


"Hiç bozuk paran覺z var m覺?" diye bir soru (a question "Do you have any coin?)


"Hiç bozuk paran覺z var m覺?" diye bir soru sordum. (I asked a question "Do you have any coin?")


bana (to me)

"Salak salak konuma!"  (Don´t talk stupidly!)

ba覺rmak (to shout)


Bana "Salak salak konuma!" diye ba覺rd覺. ("Don´t talk stupidly!" he shouted at me.)


"Art覺k koamam." ("I can run no longer.")

m覺r覺ldanmak (to murmur)


"Art覺k koamam." diye m覺r覺ldan覺yordu. ("I can run no longer." he was murmuring.)


"Sizin yüzünüzden kaza yapacakt覺m." (I would have an accident owing to you.)

suçlamak (to accuse)


Bizi "Sizin yüzünüzden kaza yapacakt覺m." diye suçlad覺. ("I would have an accident owing to you." he accused us.)


"Erken kalkamad覺覺m için geç kald覺m." (I am late because I couldn´t get up early.)

yalan söylemek (to tell lie)

öretmen (teacher)

inanmak (to believe)


"Erken kalkamad覺覺m için geç kald覺m." diye yalan söyledi ama öretmen ona inanmad覺. ("I am late because couldn´t get up early" he told lie but the teacher didn´t believe in him.)


"Hastalar m覺?" (Are they ill?)

sormak (to ask)


"Hastalar m覺?" diye sorduk ama cevap alamad覺k. ("Are they ill?" we asked, but we couldn´t get an answer.)


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