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mind over heart, or heart over mind???
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1.       annalovesmed
78 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 06:58 am

what if you are caught in making a decision and your heart is telling you to stay but your mind is dictating that if you would stay it will not be good for you??? would u use your heart, or use or mind???

2.       mella
202 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 10:18 am

In love matters, I will listen to my heart for sure. From my experience, my heart never put me in a spot.
In other cases, I will listen to what my mind tells me.

3.       ramayan
2633 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 10:27 am

ummm a hard question.....normally i use my mind but especially in love affairs i can never achieve this....i lose my mind....
i think we should use them when we need them...or use them at true time

4.       enerodesinueve
164 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 11:20 am

I will follow my mind 'cos it is wiser than my heart. Scientifically, you know that the brain is the one responsible for almost everything in our body even the heart (like the thalamus which makes us feel love), right? So.. why should I stay if it's not good for me to do that? I rather leave and start a new life than stay for nothing. Anyway, we are given the freedom to choose over what is good and better.. and with this situation? It is better to leave.

5.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 11:31 am

just let ur spririt guide u

6.       enerodesinueve
164 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 11:45 am

Which of which, you think, will make you happy? Go for it without regrets. A wrong choice leads to a painful consequence. A good choice gives a blessing.. and whatever it is that makes you happy will always make you a better person.

7.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 12:58 pm

Quoting enerodesinueve:

whatever it is that makes you happy will always make you a better person.

not necessarily... if someone had all the money they wished for it would make them happy.. but its likely that they wouldnt be a better person for it eh?

8.       annalovesmed
78 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 01:10 pm

hhmmmmm...ok i will give a situation!!!
there are childhood friends, they have loved each other since they were young but they never got the chance to tell each other after being friends for years the gurl got married coz she thought that the guy has no feeling for her and is only seeing her her as a firend and sisterso she got married to another guy when she was 18. even she got married, she never forget him even they do not have communication. the guy he never got involved with anybody since she got married. then after 4 years the gurl's marriage failed. the husband left her for another gurl. after that she approach her bestfriend and told him she never 4get him. he said he still inlove with her too but the problem is he is in a relationship with somebody else almost one year that time. so she left the country to forget, let him go and moved on. she met somebody else there, accepted her, loved her...after 2 months together with her bf, she got an email from her bestfriend saying, he loves her still and he never forgets her and he can never lie to himself anymore and cannot continue his relationship to his gf because it's her that he loves. she turned him down even she never stopped loving him because she doesn't want to hurt her bf now and her best friend's gf. and on the other hand she's happy with the man with him now..the only thing is she never forget about him...
her heart is telling her that it is still better to choose her best friend because they know each other for long time and mutually loving each other even they are far away and no communication. but her mind is telling her it's not right to do so...
so now...tell me??? heart over mind or mind over heart???

9.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 01:21 pm

that reminds me of wuthering heights... and we all know how that ended

10.       annalovesmed
78 posts
 22 Nov 2005 Tue 01:42 pm


that reminds me of wuthering heights... and we all know how that ended

ahmmm...how did it end? i didn't know that! tell me please

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