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Favorite Turkish Word
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1.       heybey
40 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 03:50 am

Especially for non-Turks, but not exclusive of our Turkish friends: what is your favorite Turkish word? Mine: misafirperverlik - partly because it just rolls off the tongue, partly because that's what I felt so strongly during the two years that I lived in Turkey.

2.       annalovesmed
78 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 05:23 am

because that's how my babe calls me!!!

3.       enerodesinueve
164 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 06:18 am

It has to be "bebeğim". We call each other "baby" so that explains it (they told me that was the translation of "my baby" in Turkish)... wink* wink*

4.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:21 am

In my experience, the most practically useful single Turkish word is 'TAMAM'. Depending on the context it is used in, the intonation and the body language employed by the speaker, 'TAMAM' may mean,

Got you !
Thank you
Cut it out!

The magic is that the same word can also be used as a question, at least in most cases. Example: While 'TAMAM' is an expression of approval (like in OK), 'TAMAM?' would be a query seeking approval.

5.       slavica
814 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 10:59 am

Yes, indeed, TAMAM is one of my favorite Turkish words
Thanks for explanation, AlphaF
Others are HOŞÃƒâ€¡AKAL and BOŞVER.
I have no special reason, just like how they sound.

6.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 12:02 pm

i love the expressions "ya"... and i love it when someone says "allah allah" really sarcastıcally... it makes me laugh everytıme hehe

what other words are there... :S.... u could never belıeve ı could have a convoın turkısh eh? i cant even thınk of 1 word when ım put on the spot... anyway.. if i think of another one i like ill tell u... ooo wait.. got one...

i love the word "bebişim"... my bf sez that to me... its so cute.. look.. ayyy... bebeşim... hehe ne tatlı ha?

7.       mltm
3690 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 12:07 pm

Quoting miss_ceyda:

i love the word "bebeşim"... my bf sez that to me... its so cute.. look.. ayyy... bebeşim... hehe ne tatlı ha?

ehehehe you mean "bebişim". I love this word as well. I use it usually when I see a cute cat, I say "Ayyyy canımmm, bebişimmm benim."

8.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 12:09 pm

what did i say?? bebeşim... alalala ya... salak...

9.       ramayan
2633 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 12:34 pm

yada çektir git falan........

10.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 23 Nov 2005 Wed 12:35 pm

Quoting ramayan:

yada çektir git falan........

hehe iv got a feeling that u will be able to come up with lots of phrases like these

(125 Messages in 13 pages - View all)
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