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My Wonderful (Turkish) Man
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1.       catwoman
8933 posts
 21 Sep 2004 Tue 03:50 am

I don't like using the word 'boyfriend', it kinda means that I just have a friend who is a 'boy'.. without implying anything deeper about the relationship. I like saying 'my man' instead, and that's also how I feel.
It's difficult to talk about feelings in general, sometimes they are very intangible and trying to give them names cuts off some important parts or aspects. Therefore I won't talk about feelings but just a little bit about my thoughts, which was supposed to be the purpose of this message.. .
My man is truly wonderful. Yeah, yeah.. you can say - everybody is wonderful, lovely.. etc. I agree, everyone is wonderful in his own way, but how many times can you look at the same flower and think to yourself 'oh my God!'? I also, never believed that it's possible to keep being amazed with the same thing over and over again. Moreover, when I don't experience his presence for some time, I go: I'm fine by myself and I don't need anybody to make me happy... I admit that I still long for his voice.. But when he comes around again and keeps being the usual 'him' I stand rapt in awe, just like I did before. And it really makes me wonder, how can it always be so good? I guess he's the most wonderful man I can imagine...

2.       witboy
1 posts
 22 Sep 2004 Wed 08:54 am

I dont understand - Your letter for who?
Is it advertising? And which kind or reaction Your
letter must do?
I am so stupid.. Illustrate me,please.


3.       cajordan
2 posts
 17 Nov 2004 Wed 12:45 am

So how long have you known this guy and how much of him have you seen?

If you're away from him for long periods how do you cope - how do you know he's faithful?

4.       catwoman
8933 posts
 17 Nov 2004 Wed 09:55 am

Hmm.. you ask difficult questions about this subtle topic. I've known him for just a few months, so obviously I haven't had too many chances to see the 'true him' (I might be surprised one day!) but there are some things that show me almost every day that this man deserves the best of me. I think you have to look both at the big and small picture and see how they suit your needs - what does he do in his daily life? and how does he make sure that you're happy? If you find a problem with any of these things, try to solve it but nothing changes, then I guess it's not a good sign; but if you see that without trying to force anything things just seem to fit together, you can say that you found someone who is worthy of your feelings. Then if things continue to do well, you can trust that person about bigger things and just let him make you happy. I think that if you have any problems, it's important to talk about them and see how they can be fixed, if the other person understands and makes sure that you don't have wrong doubts, that's another good sign. This way you build trust from your experiences. I guess this 'strategy' is working well for me so far and that's why I can say that he's my baby and my love . I hope I answered your questions..

5.       irishdon
143 posts
 27 Nov 2004 Sat 05:00 pm

The important thing is that you are happy. If people ask you how do you know if he is being faithful, tell them how important trust is in a relationship.

iyi g繒nler ..

6.       widdley
61 posts
 18 Jun 2005 Sat 03:47 am

beautiful stories one and all.
Love Liz

7.       yermalita
5 posts
 23 Jun 2005 Thu 04:52 am

I believe i can tell anything about my turkish boy over here ...can i?
All i believ it is that from all of the boyfriends (and yes i also hate calling them so)i ever had...my turkish boy ...he is the best...so romantic and lovely...im spanish ..so we are sort of a funny mix...he is conservative some times and i believe most of the time im not...he is very open minded but soemtimes i think like he is beggin me for some calm...now there is one thing i wish you guys could help me with if any of you are turkish...im trying to find a turkish forum that is full of really talented people, which my boy belongs to but he doesnt want to tell me the web site, i have look for it for many weeks but as my turkish understanding is very little i wish some one could help me with some pages names....then ther is a problem i got we have been apart for about 4 months ...is a turkish boy faithful?

8.       ELA
41 posts
 23 Jun 2005 Thu 09:37 am

is he faithfull?
That is funny to talk generaly about Turkish boys , are they faithfull?
What is with others , American boys, Finland , Australian are they faithfull?

U need to know person to see is he faithfull or not .

My bf (i like to say my darling) is from Turkey also, i do not know is he faithfull or not , i just hope he is!
I believe him . cause we are in the same position , too far from each other only we have is a hope , telephone call's and mail's.
I saw him few times,he is nice,carefull,goodhearted person, very romantic and i love him with all my hart .
But i am sure in one thing , and that is jealousy.
I think we can say for all Turkish guys, like i already mention somewhere, they are more possesive,i think this word can describe it better.
U belong to him and that is it...
He is ur owner,and he possesing u ( they like think like that )
But i do not see nothing bad in it. For me is a good feeling when u see that somebody love u , trying protect u from others (even if u are not in danger).

So who can say : I am not jealouse!?
If u are in love u must be...That is naturally.
Only we can say they are more jealouse than others,
that is fact and true ...

9.       Leyla86
6 posts
 23 Jun 2005 Thu 07:59 pm

i really don't think that any guy is faithful because they are missing something that us girls have a lot of .. SELF-CONTROL.. just think about it.. if an average looking guy walked up and down a street and asked 20 women if they would have sex with him.. how many would say yes? not that many... but if an average looking girl walked up and down a street and asked 20 guys if they wanted to have sex with her ... wouldnt almost all of them say yes? ...

10.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 23 Jun 2005 Thu 08:31 pm

a very good point indeed! and it goes to all the guys worldwide! however, all of us like to think that our oyfriends/husbands would reject it out of hand

(40 Messages in 4 pages - View all)
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