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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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Erotizma Can Yücel
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30.       vineyards
1954 posts
 09 Mar 2008 Sun 07:00 pm

Quoting adonis:

It's obvious to say that this attempt of vineyards is much better than the other thread. I want to thank vineyards to open this title.

good stuff..

Competition is good but in this case, there is no other reward than enjoying poetry and sharing...

I've already said I like the other version too. If there was someone else who'd come up with yet another version, that would really be nice. This is an open invitation.

31.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 09 Mar 2008 Sun 07:09 pm

I appreciated both versions.

I don't speak a great deal of Turkish so I can' help. You had a lucky escape I thnk

32.       libralady
5152 posts
 09 Mar 2008 Sun 08:06 pm

Quoting vineyards:

Love is a cicada in my ear hole
-To be dressed doth a man wear
and a woman so to be bare-
Since they thusly desire
I see all women naked

In my perineum a new born kitten
keeps licking my manhood
My pulse is throbbing on my temple
Then a summer rain befalls
Not blood but a whitish dope
comes out of my schlong

Cicadas are still whizzing
They are just a little wet now

This is my attempt. As the other thread has gone out of control, I am starting a new one. I've found thehandsome's translation very good but there are many ways to translate a poem and when the poet is Yucel there are indeed many.

There is no shame in art. It is all about humans. Authors, storytellers and poets have a license to reflect human nature without any restrictions. They can narrate things with an omniscient point of view.

Although not a personal favourite; at least, this one makes me wonder about the inexplicable sexual thoughts that pass through people's minds. Are we all innocent? What is innocence in the first place?

This version has a certain "je ne sais quoi" to it, a little more finesse, where as TheHansoms was a little more "rough round the edges".

This translation is looking at it more from a Freud position, renowned for his his psycho-sexual theories and sexual desire motivated human life.

33.       SERA_2005
668 posts
 09 Mar 2008 Sun 10:55 pm

Yeah i agree libralady i thought it sounded like something Freud would right.Hmm interesting and no doubt he would have an explanation for it.

34.       SERA_2005
668 posts
 09 Mar 2008 Sun 11:09 pm

Quoting SERA_2005:

Yeah i agree libralady i thought it sounded like something Freud would write.Hmm interesting and no doubt he would have an explanation for it.

35.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 13 Mar 2008 Thu 01:09 am

The poem is uploaded. I combined the translations of thehandsom and vineyards according to own thoughts. Hope you are content with the result.

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