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Thread locked by a moderator or admin.
Turkish Hamams
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230.       Lapinkulta
0 posts
 23 May 2008 Fri 07:57 am

Quoting Deli_kizin:

Lapinkulta can punish Saskia by opening a lawcase against her I think.. Isnt that what happened with Orhan Pamuk and some other writers (İpek Çalışlar, Elif Şafak I guess), werent they sued by 'normal' citizens?

u call me as a murderer????U know that I know many about u,so I would be more carefull than other members.

231.       Lapinkulta
0 posts
 23 May 2008 Fri 08:02 am

Quoting caliptrix:

Quoting Saskia1970:

I'm getting more and more curious about what will happen if you (or any other person) do not listen to these 'warnings'. Will you get spanked on your bottom, like a baby? Will you get punished like in school? O Lapinkulta, enlighten me please....

I am not sure if Lapinkulta or anyone else can punish you, but there are many rules about this. The most famous one is protecting Atatürk. I know that sounds a bit unpractical but let's say you were a Turkish citizen (I don't know if the law is for foreigners too), and you talk badly like that. You may stand trial because of that, depends on what you say exactly.

I am not a lawyer so I don't know how these laws work on the websites but as far as I know, site may be warned or banned because of this protecting rules. So maybe you won't be punished but things seem a bit wrong then.

this rule is already on way...dont worry...U will see what will happen to intellectual members of TC soon..

232.       lady in red
6947 posts
 23 May 2008 Fri 11:01 am

Quoting libralady:

This thread now has far too many personal attacks and insults. If they do not stop I will ask for the thread to be locked.

This tit for tat insulting is more like a playground than a place for intellegent people.

I agree with LibraLady - this has degenerated into a slanging match of insults and threats - as usual.
I am therefore locking the thread

(232 Messages in 24 pages - View all)
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Thread locked by a moderator or admin.

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