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Racism in America
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70.       femmeous
2642 posts
 18 Nov 2008 Tue 11:11 am


Quoting catwoman



It is also against our forum rules, so I would like to ask femme to stop this ridiculous bullying.


 there are perfidious manipulative people, believe it or not. they speak to you nice words right into your face at the same time stab your back. i think i often fall prey of such people.

i do shout out my opinion thus becoming an emotional bully.

71.       femmeous
2642 posts
 18 Nov 2008 Tue 11:16 am

 lebanon is a victim of its own hospitable policy. once a paris of middle east, opening gates to palestinians didnt realize that it was opening for own destruction.

the same racism exists in my country and in many many other countries. we just dont talk about it like it is exposed in the west, instead we brush it under the carpet and join the anti-racist campaign held in the west. because our mass media brainwashes us telling that our own countries are perfect and innocent.

Quoting cedars

We have racism in Lebanon, all sorts of racism. Yes it bothers me and I have to admit that sometimes I have racist thoughts;

Many lebanese dont accept if their son/daughter marry a black or a chinese whereas

they  most likely  accept a white american, a swedish, a british into their family.
Also, many lebanese think they are superior to palestinians, syrians, sudanese and

egyptians. This is mostly due to the fact that there is a huge influx of workers from

these countries into Lebanon. The jobs they hold are mainly in construction, trash

collection and in gas stations.

There is a big discrimination also against sri lankians and ethiopians. Most maids in

lebanon come from these two countries.
(recently "envoyee speciale" did a special episode about lebanon "Liban le pays des

esclaves" (slaves in lebanon) concerning the maids condition in lebanon. It was a big

scandale but few weeks later everyone forgot about it and nothing changed)


So basically, yes there is racism in lebanon. The law formally forbids

all sorts of racism but then no one is there to enforce this law.
That was for color and ethnic background.


Regarding religion that is another issue.  There are  18 officially recognized

religious groups in lebanon, 4  Muslim, 12 Christian, 1 Druze, and 1 Jewish. During

the 15 years civil war basically everyone fought against everyone. So religion is a

sensitive issue. Moreover, Lebanese constitution is based on discrimination.
Only a  christian maronite can be a president, only a muslim sunni can be a prime

minister and only a shi´ite can be the speaker of the parliament.
Some groups are classified as a cult and are forbidden, example: jehovah´s witnesses

and mormons.


Homosexuality is considered a crime in Lebanon and it is clearly stated in the

lebanese penal code that male homosexuality along with adultery are prohibited.


In short, yes there is discrimination in Lebanon.  That´s my country and I love it despite its faults.



72.       femmeous
2642 posts
 18 Nov 2008 Tue 11:18 am

 oh, another boring lecture {#lang_emotions_puking}

Quoting alameda

  Humans, at our most base, are pack creatures, ie we form groups like a pack of wolves or a flock of birds. In ancient times we formed small tribes that were outgrowths of family members. Outsiders were to feared. The process of joining a group was not easy. A lot of blood was shed.


Look at nature. I recently saw a documentary on two orphaned male cheetah cubs. The persons who fostered them tried to introduce them back to the wild, the result being one was killed by other male cheetahs who were afraid of competition. The other had to be brought back into a reserve. Lions also form prides. and so it goes.


Humans have been trying to grow beyond that to realize a larger family. In some ways we have had success, in others we have failed.



73.       cedars
235 posts
 18 Nov 2008 Tue 12:24 pm


Quoting femmeous

 lebanon is a victim of its own hospitable policy. once a paris of middle east, opening gates to palestinians didnt realize that it was opening for own destruction.


Although I am off topic discussing the lebanese situation here since the discussion is about racism.

 But I have to comment on the above statement first because I am a supporter of the palestinian cause and second because it wouldnt be fair blaming the palestinians for all the problems in lebanon. Yes lebanon was "switzerland of the middle east" as they used to teach us in school but this was only for tourists.


We have a cosntitution based on discrimination and it was inevitable that one day we will have a war. Lebanese dont share the same idea of "identity".  Some see themselves as arabs, others as pheonicians and they hate arabs, some think that lebanese identity is fake and we all should be syrians, others prefer to be iranians...With 18 different religious groups that have ties to "foreign" countries you can imagine how many identities we have.


Our lebanese identity is manifested and we stand by each other only when it comes to food, tabbouleh & kibbe nayye  


So honnestly I dont think we should blame anyone for our problems and for the destruction of our country, we should only blame ourselves. We will not learn the importance of being Lebanese until we loose the country. who knows what the americans/russians/syrians/israelis/iranians are preparing for us....and we follow like sheeps...sad and hard to admit we are weak.





74.       MrX67
2540 posts
 18 Nov 2008 Tue 01:43 pm

if racism a sort of discrimination which one of us all innocent and pure about that?i want to repead again,thats a social sickness and big danger when feeded with strong prejudicies...

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