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War and the small nations
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30.       femmeous
2642 posts
 31 Jan 2009 Sat 12:35 pm

 you have stolen my post.

but i want to add this:


Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah (August 16, 1895 - March 31, 1935) was an electrical and electronics research engineer, mathematician and inventor. He was born in Nabatieh, Lebanon. He studied at the American University of Beirut. He taught mathematics at Imperial College of Damascus, Syria, and at the American University of Beirut. He died in an automobile accident at Lewis near Elizabeth Town, N.Y.

In 1921, he travelled to the United States and for a short time studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining the University of Illinois in 1923. He entered the vacuum tube section of the Engineering Laboratory of the General Electric Company at Schenectady N.Y. in 1923 where

Quoting cedars

he was engaged in mathematical and experimental research, principally on rectifiers and inverters and he received 43 patents covering his work. Among the patents were reported innovations in television transmission"



 amerika, and again amerika. no amerika - no engagement to the science.

31.       femmeous
2642 posts
 31 Jan 2009 Sat 04:29 pm


Quoting cedars



The maronite mainly since he was maronite.

His museum is now in a monastrey Mar sarkis. he always wanted

to buy it from the fransiscan brothers and after his death Gibran foundation was able to buy it for him and he was burried there. The one who has no roots has no tomorrow didnt someone say that!

ok, fair enough. read it in wikipedia. and the most important thing is that he was burried in lebanon. the rest doesnt matter to you.

you see, theres a difference between me and you, i dont believe in things like roots, because im no tree. what matters to me is what i am and who i am and what i can offer to others. i can be burried anywhere, after i die it doesnt matter where my body goes. its dead, nasty stinking piece of filth, nothing more.



You really believe that the US stayed away and her airforce didnt participate!!!


US airforce didnt participate in it, however aircrafts were supplied.  golda meir made a huge mistake when she listened to the west and didnt strike first.



If you do not know of any that doesnt mean they do not exist.

i greatly agree with this statement.


Below are few names of lebanese world known scientists and their contribution to humanity.The wikipedia link below has some more.

yep, i did have a look at them.

You will be amazed to know that you can watch TV (TV transmission invention) due to the invention of a lebanese " and his work is patented in the US

dear dear, dont exaggerate, pleeeeeeease, his works on the vaccum tube i dont find very much significant as the works of his other colleages. i had a look on a vacuum tube in wikipedia and couldnt find his name in it, so he must be one of those 43 supportive scientists.

he ows his achievements to USA, if not US he wouldnt be there engaged in science.


Elias Corey, another christian american!!!

Elias James Corey (born July 12, 1928) is an American organic chemist. In 1990 he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis", specifically retrosynthetic analysis.[1][2] Regarded by many as one of the greatest living chemists, he has developed numerous synthetic reagents, methodologies, and has advanced the science of organic synthesis considerably.

He was born to Christian Lebanese immigrants in Methuen, Massachusetts, 30 miles north of Boston. His mother changed his name to "Elias" to honor his father who died eighteen months after the birth of his son. His widowed mother, brother, two sisters and an aunt and uncle all lived together in a spacious house—struggling through the depression. He attended Catholic elementary school and Lawrence Public High School.[



Michael Debakey - another christian american!!!

Michael Ellis DeBakey, M.D. (September 7, 1908July 12, 2008) was a world-renowned American heart surgeon (from Lebanese origins), innovator, medical educator, and international medical statesman.[2] DeBakey was the chancellor emeritus of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and director of The Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and senior attending surgeon of The Methodist Hospital in Houston.




Nassim Nicholas Taleb - another christian american

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (born 196 (Arabic: نسيم نيقولا نجيب طالب&lrm (alternative spellings of first name: Nessim or Nissim) is a literary essayist, epistemologist, polymath, scholar of randomness and knowledge, researcher, and former practitioner of mathematical finance.[2][3][4][5] A specialist in financial derivatives[3]he held a "day job" in a lengthy senior trading and financial mathematics career in a number of New York City´s Wall Street firms, before starting a second career as a scholar in the epistemology of chance events to focus on his project of mapping how to live and act in a world we do not understand, and how to come to grips with randomness and the unknown —which includes his black swan theory of unexpected rare events.[6]

Taleb´s extremely idiosyncratic literary approach consists of providing a modern-day brand of philosophical tale by mixing narrative fiction, often semi-autobiographical, with erudition and scientific commentary



i thought you would come with really big fish and surprise me. "hey, look at this, they are all born and raised in lebanon and had labs there. i thought lebanon has produced great scientists that i wasnt aware of. i thought i missed something. you give me no surprise!

The land was not empty as you said and there are UN reports of how many villages were destroyed and how meople displaced in 1948.

not true, there were many travellers, since jerusalem was the religious centre, pilgrims were flowing into there, and their impressions were not exciting, they all stated that palastine was empty and disgusting place to live in, and they couldnt understand how this place could be called the promised land.


Second, how can you call it a democracy when there are 2 ranks of israeli citizens, israeli jews rank 1st and israeli non jews rank 2nd. Israeli druze for example serve in the israeli army and have members in the knesset and not matter how devoute they are and show their loyalty to the state of israel it sill considers them 2nd rank citizens and favors jews. tell me how you be called this democracy!!

I can send you a link with the israeli druze knesset member saying exactly this unfortunately it is in arabic.

thats as simple as it could be. israel has not tasted peace, all neighbourhood is enemy. so i wouldnt let them serve in army.



Israel still occupies Shiba´a farms, a lebanese territories. Again refer to the UN maps and you will clearly see it always was lebanese land.

So as long as our land is occupied we will fight back.

i think theres a better way to deal this.



i dont think french mandate was bad. it helped you to become more civilized,

You sound like the french right  wing who were trying to pass a law in 2005 about the "positive value of colonialism"  Luckily enough the law was repealed.


You should read Aimé Césaire, (Discours sur le colonialisme, 195.


"Colonization, I repeat it, dehumanizes  man even the most civilized one; [..] the colonial action, the colonial business, the colonial conquest, based on the contempt of the native man and justified by this contempt,tries to inevitably  modify the one who adopts it; [..] the colonizing one, that, to give itself good conscience, gets used to see in the other the beast, trains to treat it as beast, tends objectively at the end to transform himself into beast"


" La colonisation, je le répète, déshumanise l’homme même le plus civilisé ; [...] l’action coloniale, l’entreprise coloniale, la conquête coloniale, fondée sur le mépris de l’homme indigène et justifiée par ce mé­pris, tend inévitablement à modifier celui qui l’entreprend ; [...] le colonisateur, qui, pour se donner bonne conscience, s’habitue à voir dans l’autre la bête, s’entraîne à le traiter en bête, tend objectivement à se transformer lui-­même en bête. »

i know many british colonies like australia, canada, america, hong-kong etc etc. where everybody wants to live including you lebanese.

but  i also know some arab colonies like, pakistan, afghanistan, iran, iraq etc etc. not nice places to live.

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