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The one and only Nasruddin Hoca........(smile)!
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10.       jannah_male
19 posts
 29 Mar 2012 Thu 06:00 pm

Nasrudin Eats Dates


A man noticed Nasrudin eating dates with their seeds.

“Why are you eating the seeds“ the man asked.

“Why not?,” explained Nasrudin, “didn´t the merchant who sold these to me include the weight of the seeds?”

11.       jannah_male
19 posts
 29 Mar 2012 Thu 06:07 pm

Across the River


Nasrudin was standing near a river. A man on the other side shouted at him, “Hey! How can I get across this river?”

“You´re already across!“ Nasrudin shouted back angrily.

12.       jannah_male
19 posts
 29 Mar 2012 Thu 06:20 pm


Wrestling Dreams


One day, Nasrudin went to the local doctor and told him, “Every night for the past month and a half, I have dreamt dreams in which I am having wrestling matches with donkeys.”

The doctor gave Nasrudin a herb and said, “Eat this, and your dreams will go away.”

“Can I start taking them tomorrow?” Nasrudin asked.

“Why?” the doctor inquired.

“Because I’m scheduled to wrestle in the championship match tonight,” Nasrudin replied.

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13.       jannah_male
19 posts
 29 Mar 2012 Thu 06:21 pm

Nasrudin’s New Child


Friend: “Congratulations Nasrudin! I heard you had a new child.”

Nasrudin: “Yes.”

“Is it a boy?”


“Is it a girl?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

14.       jannah_male
19 posts
 29 Mar 2012 Thu 06:27 pm


For those who might not know: Nasreddīn Hodja was a Muslim Seljuq satirical figure, believed to have lived during the Middle Ages (around 13th century) and considered a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes.  He appears in thousands of stories ranging in different Islamic cultures from Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Bengali; sometimes witty, sometimes wise, but often, too, the fool of the joke. A Nasreddin story usually has a subtle humour with a wise meaning.   The International Nasreddin Hodja fest is celebrated between 5–10 July in Aksehir, Turkey every year.  For me, he is the funniest wise man ever.  Enjoy:  


Quoting jannah_male

The Loan Request

Nasrudin struck up a conversation with a stranger.

At one point, he asked, “So how’s business?”

“Great,” the other replied.

“Then can I borrow ten dollars?”

“No. I don’t know you well enough to lend you money,”.

“That’s strange,” replied Nasrudin. “Where I used to live, people wouldn’t lend me money because they knew me; and now that I’ve moved here, people won’t lend me money because they don’t know me!“



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Edited (3/29/2012) by jannah_male

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