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what is Canımsin kanki
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10.       JNQ
465 posts
 24 Feb 2015 Tue 09:18 pm


Quoting SuzieCarol

ok i think adding im makes it you are my.

im = you are my


not sure if i am correct.

I would think

-im = my 

-in = your

-sin = you are

-imsin = you are my -



See http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_121 on ´to be´ 

and http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_239 on posessive pronouns.

Edited (2/24/2015) by JNQ
Edited (2/24/2015) by JNQ

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11.       denizli
959 posts
 24 Feb 2015 Tue 09:37 pm


Quoting SuzieCarol

ok i think adding im makes it you are my.

im = you are my


not sure if i am correct.


im can be my. It can also be I am.

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12.       JNQ
465 posts
 24 Feb 2015 Tue 10:25 pm

Yes but here it´s ´my´. Because it´s followed by something else.

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13.       KediNero
418 posts
 24 Feb 2015 Tue 10:35 pm


Quoting SuzieCarol

ok i think adding im makes it you are my.

im = you are my


not sure if i am correct.

it can have 2 meanings.


aptalım = my stupid

aptalım = i am stupid


As you could see aptalım have 2 meanings, but it not works like that everytime.

now i will give you example with word deli which mean crazy. 


delim = my crazy (you can say like that to someone who is close to you)

deliyim = i am crazy


in this example delim have only 1 meaning, and there is big difference between delim and deliyim.



Quoting SuzieCarol

thanks kedinegro! it was kanki not kanko unless they are one in the same. But yes arkadas friend. I knew that canim could also mean my soul and you are very correct. I think in my case the meaning was the other of my sweetheart as there seems to be more than one meaning for this word canim or canimisin.


What happens when we had the imin to the end of kanki = kandimin?

Bitanecik kankimin

there is only word kanka, but girl said kanki because she wanted to sound more cool.


meaining of can is always same, but of course in english it´s better to say sweetheard. ´Can´ literally mean life as i said. Also hayat mean life, but there is some difference between them.

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Edited (2/24/2015) by KediNero
Edited (2/24/2015) by KediNero
Edited (2/24/2015) by KediNero

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14.       Moha-ios
93 posts
 25 Feb 2015 Wed 12:03 am


Quoting KediNero


it can have 2 meanings.


benim aptalım = my stupid

ben aptalım = i am stupid


more clear







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15.       SuzieCarol
53 posts
 25 Feb 2015 Wed 04:29 am

kedinegro- is it kanka the proper word ! Thanks! Awesome answer harika. I am happy for the responses on the verb ending im from everyone. It helps to understand Turkish more clearly! I will study these answers a couple of times !


Can you use the word kanka when you know someone a short while or is this a word for friendship when you have really known a person for a long time. Such as old friends.

Edited (2/25/2015) by SuzieCarol [added content]

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16.       MCO
64 posts
 25 Feb 2015 Wed 05:43 pm

"Kanka" is the short form of "Kan Kardeş", which means blood brother.  In fact it must be used only for best friends but today many people use use it for all friends. 

Another word similar to kanka is "cankuş", that also means best friend. 

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