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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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Can you share your poem with us?
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1.       satorijane
54 posts
 05 Nov 2005 Sat 12:02 am

I think many on our forum love poetry. I read every poem on here - they are all so beautiful. I wonder if anyone writes their own poetry and if they would share it please. Maybe some people will be kind enough to translate for us too.

Any brave poets out there???

2.       evilhermit
44 posts
 05 Nov 2005 Sat 05:00 am

After you, dear
But really you're right, I read it all too.

3.       ramayan
2633 posts
 05 Nov 2005 Sat 02:55 pm

im curious y we dont send here our won poems????maybe we can fun much more by sharing our own poems...i will send my own later and wanna friends to send their owns...he he im sure we will hav great fun...hope to see urs...
everybody take care

4.       satorijane
54 posts
 05 Nov 2005 Sat 04:34 pm

Evilhermit you made me laugh Okay I will be the first fool to post my poem -it is long - bear with it! You next evilhermit -lol - be brave!

The necklace maker.

I have a necklace inside me
strung with thoughts of you
a hundred beads on it
tell our unspoken story

Do you remember Galata?
How I resisted
but you continued relentlessly
making a bead of the moment
turning each bead into a string of events

We fell into the river of thoughts
At the bottom I found
a necklace of glass beads
worn smooth and rarer than gold
untarnished, profound, irreplaceable
invaluable - God's gift and blessing
Don't think it was not beautiful
All creation is beautiful

Perhaps it was too beautiful for you?
Perhaps someone told you it was ugly
You believed them - of course -
You could do better than this
Why have time worn glass beads
formed by God & rivers?
when there is fine gold
glittering in your future?

You'll restring necklaces to adorn
and tempt with again...
in your silver basement
perhaps you will use rubies and pearls
forget ancient glass - toss it away as rubbish
deny the flowing river, the lava of the heart
exchange it for a static predictable love
you can conquer and control
Oh - delusion delusion my friend!

I give beads too much meaning anyway
They could be worthless really
Should I throw them back to the source?
They'd become night stars glowing in the sky
to shine blessings on you
fragments of memories discarded
How easy to toss out everything
close the door and walk away
Fools do it all the time

I won't be full of hopelessness
I won't subscribe to morals and rules
I won't lie and hide my face
I won't live according to expectations
confined and always hoping
boxing my love into an ugly possesiveness
I won't turn the wheel of jealousy
How can I when existence has fallen into me?

I took these broken beads
late at night I knotted them
and restrung them with my heart
In their reflection and light
I thought of you
at your workbench, your strong hands
moving beyond string and bead
beyond everything you know
prayer beads to take us further?

I wear these luminous internal beads
Philosophers stones
of unconditional love
Proudly. With dignity.
Like irreplaceable diamonds
Like a river always flowing
Like pure blue sky endless
I wear these beads in God's name
And I still think of your name.

5.       Phil
19 posts
 06 Nov 2005 Sun 01:56 pm


i am not very good at writing poems normally but i wrote this one about my girlfriend. I will be showing it to her soon.

My Angel

You are my angel,
My angel from heaven.

I have missed you so much,
I have missed your smile,
I have missed your hands,
I have missed my angel.

You are my life,
You mean so much,
You are the one that made my heart go on.

I have loved you so much,
I have loved you from near,
I have loved you from far,
But I will always love you,
Since you are my angel,
My angel from heaven.

Sen benim hayatimsin

6.       satorijane
54 posts
 06 Nov 2005 Sun 02:05 pm

Sagol for sharing Phil, - I did enjoy.

7.       enerodesinueve
164 posts
 14 Nov 2005 Mon 09:05 am

Great forum topic! Here is a copy of the most recent poem I have written for a special someone.

Karşılaşma (The Meeting)
Jingke G. Galicha
8 November 2005

She forced her eyes to sleep with the deafening silence of the night.
Her rebellious mind keeps on flirting with memories of the future.
She tried to go out of the valley of tears and bury herself in bed
Until the night went old.. older.. older.. and older.
She finally slept after some countless attempts to wink,
Escaped from the chains of insanity, just before the morning while the wild wasn't born yet.
She walked out of her room and rushed to the calm outdoors.
This is to stop the immortal thoughts about her worried lover under the midnight sky.
He is waiting.. waiting.. and waiting 'till the break of dawn
For his lovely maiden is on her way to take him home.

8.       bliss
900 posts
 14 Nov 2005 Mon 11:22 am

I just wrote this and want to share with you even I do not do this very often.Do not judge wery strong, it took just few minutes to wirte.I am in the mood to share.That's all.

I was guessing in my childhood, waking in the morning:where
Was the sun all night cover?
And just now I find out, that from the sky,
At the dusk, sun was going to the hearts,
To radiate at night from the eyes of lovers,
To sparkle in kisses, fervent in drunkenness,
And when time comes, it would smile sleepless
Under the kind eylids of the cradles.

9.       ramayan
2633 posts
 14 Nov 2005 Mon 12:00 pm


how a nice day
the lovely sun shines
the crazy nightingales sings
the children go their schools
but i have an ache
sometimes in my head
sometimes in my legbut thee are
the only one thing to think
thou honey pretty cute thing

how much you far away
no matter please say''i love you my little boy
you my beloved guy''
no matter you are where
i love you so much and trust you such
i trust my friend
who had last year dead

please turn back you made me ill and hacked
turn back and hug
you are my only thing
you are my hearts queen
queen must be on her crown
hey honey please turn


im blushed now.....written after an unfaithful babe

10.       moonlotus4
8 posts
 29 Nov 2005 Tue 11:58 pm

I really enjoy your poems it's just nice to read your thoughts - good writing here! Keep them coming.

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