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Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-4.b.b

If you remember, the formule of the definite posessive determiner was X+in Y+i. But here the formula is: X Y+i


The indefinite posessive determiner is used for a few tasks.


1) So as to express the sort of something.


hayvan (the animal)

ses (1the voice, 2the sound)


hayvan ses+i ---->hayvan sesi (the animal voice)

The sort of the voice has been expressed. It can be supposed an answer to the question "What kind of voice?"


ses+ler(plural)--->sesler (voices)

hayvan sesler+i-->hayvan sesleri (the animal voices)


Hayvan sesleri duyuyorduk. (We were hearing animal voices)

Hayvan覺n sesi çok korkunçtu, hayvan san覺r覺m hastayd覺. (The voice of the animal was so awful, the animal was -i think- sick)


sözcük (the word)

tür, cins (the kind, the sort)


sözcük tür+i---->sözcük türü (the word sort)

The sort of the sort

Türkçede sekiz sözcük türü var. (There are eight word sorts in Turkish)


deniz (the sea)

su (the water)


deniz su+i ----> deniz suyu (the sea water)

The sort of the water has been expressed. "What kind of water?"


覺rmak (the river)

覺rmak su+i---->覺rmak suyu (the river water)


gül (the rose)

yaprak (the leaf)


gül yaprak+覺 -----> gül yapra (the rose leaf)

"What kind of leaf?"


banyo (1the bathroom, 2the bath)

havlu (the towel)


banyo havlu+i---->banyo havlusu (the bath towel)


hükümet (the government)

karar (the decision)


hükümet karar+覺 ----> hükümet karar (the government decision)


elma (the apple)

aaç (the tree)


elma aaç+覺 ----> elma aac (the apple tree)

limon aaç+覺 ----> limon aac (the lemon tree)


okul (the school)

kütüphane (the library)


okul kütüphane+i---->okul kütüphanesi (the school library)


Türk (Turkish (nation))

bayrak (the flag)


Türk bayrak+覺 ---> Türk bayra(the Turkish flag)

Fin bayrak+覺 ---> Fin bayra (the Finnish flag)

Hollanda bayrak+覺 ---> Hollanda bayra (the Holland flag)


yolcu (traveller)

gemi (the ship)


yolcu gemi+i ---> yolcu gemisi (the travel(ler) ship)

The sort of the ship has been told.


yaz (the summer)

tatil (the holiday)


yaz tatil+i---->yaz tatili (the summer holiday)

The sort of the holiday is being told.


edebiyat (literature)

Türk edebiyat+覺---->Türk edebiyat ( the Turkish literature)


tarih (1history, 2date)

Türk tarih+i------>Türk tarihi (the Turkish history)


kültür (culture)

Anadolu kültür+i---->Anadolu kültürü (the Anatolian culture)


There are some words which are indefinite posessive determiners but have become a pattern.


ayak (the foot)

kap (the container)


ayak kap+覺--->ayak kab覺--->ayakkab覺 (the shoe) (direct: the foot container)


kahve (the coffee)

renk (the colour)


kahve renk+i ----> kahve rengi--->kahverengi (brown) (direct: the coffee colour)


gök (the sky)

yüz (the face)

gök yüz+i--->gök yüzü ---> gökyüzü (the sky) (direct: the sky face)


2) Official foundations:


millî (national)

eitim (education)

bakanl覺k (ministry)


Millî Eitim Bakanl覺k+覺---->Millî Eitim Bakanl覺覺 (Ministry of National Education)


cumhuriyet (republic)


Türkiye Cumhuriyet+i---->Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Turkish Republic)


Ankara Üniversite+i---->Ankara Üniversitesi (Ankara University)




say覺 (number)


Be say覺+覺--->be say覺s覺 (the number five)


How to conjugate the indefinite posessive determiners????

How to make plural??


What was the way?

elma (apple)

aaç (tree)

elma aaç+覺--->elma aac覺 (apple tree)


even if we say "aaçlar (trees)", the way won´t change.

elma aaçlar+覺--->elma aaçlar覺 (apple trees)


Remember the posessive suffixes:








cep telefon+i--->cep telefonu (mobile phone, pocket phone)


Remove the posessive sfx. of the 3rd person (-i)


cep telefonu


cep telefon+m--->cep telefonum (my pocket phone)

cep telefon+n---->cep telefonun

cep telefon+i----->cep telefonu

cep telefon+miz--->cep telefonumuz

cep telefon+niz---->cep telefonunuz

cep telefon+leri---->cep telefonlar覺


cep telefonlar覺 (pocket phones)

cep telefonlar


cep telefonlar+m--->cep telefonlar覺m (my pocket phones)

cep telefonlar+n---->cep telefonlar覺n

cep telefonlar+覺----->cep telefonlar覺

cep telefonlar+miz--->cep telefonlar覺m覺z

cep telefonlar+niz--->cep telefonlar覺n覺z

cep telefonlar+leri--->cep telefonlar覺


why not "cep telefonlarlar覺"? Two "-lar"s would be too odd to hear. 

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