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Turkish Grammar-7: Adjectives-2

It is usually used with locative case. It never obeys to vowel harmonies except only a few exceptions.


sokak (the street)

kedi (the cat)

gürültü (the noise)

gürültü yapmak (to make noise)


sokak+de(locative)------------->sokakta (at the street)


kedi+ler(plural)----------------->kediler (the cats)


sokaktaki kediler (the cats (which/that are) at the street)


Sokaktaki kediler bugün çok gürültü yap覺yor. (The cats at the street are making noise too much today)


bahçe (the garden)

büyük (big)

aaç (the tree)

asla (never)

kesmek (to cut)


aaç+覺(accusative)------------>aac覺 (the tree(accusative))


kes+me+iz-------------------->kesmeyiz (we don´t cut)


bahçedeki aaç (the tree (which/that is) in the garden)

büyük aaç (the big tree)

bahçedeki büyük aaç (the big tree (which/that is) in the garden)

Bahçedeki büyük aac覺 asla kesmeyiz. (We never cut the big tree in the garden)


köy (the village)

akraba (the relative)

uzun (long)

zaman (the time)


köy+de(locative)+ki akraba+lar(plural)+m覺z(possessive)--------->köydeki akrabalar覺m覺z (our relatives in the village)


Köydeki akrabalar覺m覺z覺 uzun zamand覺r görmedik. (We haven´t met our relatives who are in the village for a long time) (direct: We didn´t see.......)


yer (1the place, 2the floor)

kalem (the pencil, the pen, .....)


yer+de+ki kalem+i ver- ---------->

Yerdeki kalemi ver (give the pencil that is on the floor)


hastane (the hospital)

i (1the work, 2the job, 3the business, 4the task, 5things to do)

bitirmek (to finish (transitive))

-den sonra (after ...)

gelmek (to come)


hastane+de+ki i+miz+i bitirdik+den sonra gel+ecek+iz---------->

Hastanedeki iimizi bitirdikten sonra geleceiz. (We will come after we finish the work that is at hospital)


ön (the frontside)

çocuk (the child)

kim (who)


ön+miz+de+ki çocuk kim ------------>

Önümüzdeki çocuk kim? (Who is the child in front of us?)


apartman (the building)

herkes (everybody)

yaz (the summer)

yaz覺n (in summer)

geç (late)

yatmak (1to lie, 2to go to bed)


apartman+da+ki herkes yaz覺n geç yat+r --------->

Apartmandaki herkes yaz覺n geç yatar. (Everybody in this building go to the bed late in the summer.)


If I don´t remember false, I have said we don´t use locative case while expressing the time of the day. It is also the same when using "-ki".


sabahki, ölenki, ikindinki, akamki, geceki


It is also the same for the words we don´t use with locative case. For example:

yar覺n, dün, bugün, geçen y覺l, gelecek hafta, gelecek ay, vs...

-->yar覺nki, dünkü, bugünkü, geçen y覺lki, gelecek haftaki, gelecek ayki vs...


Yar覺nki maç saat yedide. (The match (that is) tomorrow is at seven (o´clock))


borç (the debt)

ödemek (to pay)

Geçen ayki borcunuzu ödememisiniz. (You haven´t paid your debt (that was) last month)


önce (before, fore)

önce+ki-------->önceki (the previous one, previous)

sonra (later, after)

sonra+ki------->sonraki (the next one)


aa覺 (below, the downside)

aa覺ki=aa覺daki (the below one)

yukar覺, üst (the upside, above)

yukar覺ki=yukar覺daki=üstteki (the above one)


aa覺daki soru (the question (that/which is) below)

yukar覺daki paragraf (the paragraph (that/which is) above)

Aa覺daki sorular覺 yukar覺daki paragrafa göre cevaplay覺n. (Answer the questions below according to the paragraph above)


al覺kanl覺k (the habit)

Bu bizim her günkü al覺kanl覺覺m覺z. (This is our habit of everyday.)


Did you see the suffix "-ki" obeys to vowel harmonies at the words "gün" and "dün"?




hangi (which)

kaç/kaç tane (how many)

ne kadar (how much)

nas覺l (how)


ülke (the country)

bayrak (the flag)


o hangi ülke+in bayrak+覺 --------------------->

O hangi ülkenin bayra覺? (Which country´s flag is it?)


üniversite (the university)

okumak (1to read, 2to study (at a school))


hangi üniversite+de oku+yor+sin--------------->

Hangi üniversitede okuyorsun? (Which university are you studying?)


ekmek (the bread)

lâz覺m=gerek=gerekli (necessary)


Ne kadar ekmek lâz覺m? (How much bread is necessary?)


s覺n覺f (the class, the classroom)

örenci (the student)


s覺n覺f+da kaç örenci var ----------------->

S覺n覺fta kaç örenci var? (How many students are there in the classroom?)


konferans (the conference)

kii (the person)

kat覺lmak (to join)


konferans+a(dative) kaç kii kat覺l+acak-------------->

Konferansa kaç kii kat覺lacak? (How many people will join the conference? (direct: .......to the conference))


bir (1one, 2a/an, 3....4.....5....)

ev (the house, the home)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive, ......)


nas覺l bir ev al+d覺+lar------------->

Nas覺l bir ev ald覺lar? (How a house have they bought?)

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