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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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1.       metehan2001
501 posts
 04 Jan 2007 Thu 09:53 pm


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2.       metehan2001
501 posts
 04 Jan 2007 Thu 10:54 pm


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3.       Elisa
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 07:01 pm

This thread deserves to be higher in the list! I like the idea (thanks Metehan2001 ), although the level is rather advanced.. :-S I'll give the beginning a try, but I'm afraid that the rest would take some time as it is probably beyond me

Dostum Şahid

Orta Asya’nın bu küçük ülkesinin başkenti, en soğuk günlerinden birini yaşıyordu.

'My friend Şahid'

The capital of this small Middle-Asian country was going through one of the coldest days.

Sonraki aday lütfen!

4.       rena
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 07:40 pm

let me try too i have done the second sentence of part 1

Amerikan-Kırgız Ãœniversitesindeki dersim bittiğinde, hava kararmak üzereydi ve ben, paltomu almak için Yabancı Diller Bölümüne doğru yürürken, cam gibi buzlaşan Bişkek yollarında, otomobilimi kaydırmadan otoparka nasıl ulaşacağımı düşÃ¼nüyordum.

When my classes in American-Kyrgyz University were over, it was getting dark, and to take my coat I was walking directly to the Foreign Language Department and thinking how I would reach the car park with my car sliding over Bishkek roads that were getting frozen like glass.

5.       rena
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 08:02 pm

ı'm giving it a go two more sentences..

Sıkça yaptığım gibi, yine dalgınlıkla, ikinci kata çıkmıştım. -> As I often did, again deep in thoughts, I went to the second floor.

Kendi kendime sinirlenerek geri döndüm. -> Being annoyed with myself I turned back.

6.       Ayla
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 08:10 pm

my try:
1st part:

My friend Şahid

The capital city of this small middle Asian country was experiencing one of the coldest days. When my class at the American-Kirghiz University had finished, the weather was about to get dark and while walking towards the Foreign Languages Department to take my coat, I was thinking about how I would reach the parking lot without skidding my car on Bişkek roads that turned frozen like glass. As I have frequently done, distractedly again, I have climbed to the second floor. Being angry at myself I turned back. While walking towards the department room in the corridor among the crowd of the students who have finished their last lessons, I enjoyed the sayings while smiling of my students, whom I passed next to, of "good bye", "good evening", "bye bye" with the poor Turkish that they have learned. When I entered the department room, my mind was still struggling with "How will I drive my car to the parking lot?" question. I woke up from my absentmindedness with Department Head Ludmila's call:
- Mr Fatih! You still haven't signed your contract!

7.       rena
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 08:50 pm

i will begin the 2nd part..

Bunu söylerken, gök mavisi gözlerinin içi gülüyordu. -> Saying this, she was smiling with her sky-blue eyes.

Amacının ikaz etmekten çok, beni yanına çağırmak ve bir konuşma ortamı yaratmak olduğunu hissettim. -> I felt that her aim was more than to warn me but to call me to come closer to her and make a talk.

Otuz yaşlarında, oldukça güzel, sempatik tavırlı dul bir hanımdı. -> She was thirty years old, quite beautiful, with nice manners, a widow.

Fransız edebiyatı doktoruydu. She was a doctor of French literature.

Ãœstelik İngilizcesi de oldukça iyiydi. -> Also her English was rather good.

8.       Elisa
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 09:35 pm

this is contagious, I'll give it another try..

Zekâsı ve hiç bitmeyen enerjisi, onu, kendisinden yaşlı birçok öğretim elemanının başkanı hâline getirmişti

Her intelligence and infinite energy had made her the head of the many elderly academic staff members.

9.       Ayla
0 posts
 05 Jan 2007 Fri 09:48 pm

I'll continue the 2nd part from where rena stopped:

Her intelligence and neverending energy has brought her to be the chief of many education staff members much older than her. Each time I saw her I couldn't help myself from thinking: "Frankly, those Americans know how to choose a person!".
And I answered laughing:
- So what if I haven't signed it? Have I commited such a big crime? Cancel my contract then. Anyway I have too many classes in Manas University. At least I will get rid from my classes in your university. Furthermore, you aren't even paying a proper salary.
Luda- everyone called her that way shortly- said, opening her eyes widely:
- For God's sake Mr Fatih! Can't you be a little serious? It's only a procedure, but an important one in our university... The poor secretary is trying to catch you for one signature for a few days"...

10.       metehan2001
501 posts
 06 Jan 2007 Sat 05:13 pm


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