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Real Ataturk or Western-backed plot?
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20.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 07 Nov 2008 Fri 01:36 pm


Quoting vineyards

I have stopped joking right now


 Thanks for letting me know - sometimes it is hard to tell lol

21.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 16 Nov 2008 Sun 09:41 pm


22.       catwoman
8933 posts
 16 Nov 2008 Sun 10:05 pm


Quoting thehandsom


well..what is wrong with drinking,smoking and being fond of women anyway?


depends how you put it... this is a rather mild version

23.       vineyards
1954 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 01:30 am

Well, as far as I know Ataturk liked drinking, smoking and women too. Rumour has it that women loved him even more. He was a hot commodity for everyone. There is nothing wrong about this.


It is a pity though, he should have smoked and drunk less. I can´t comment on his affairs with women as this part belongs to his private life. True when we browse historical documents we  come accross with stories about say how small Napoleon was in certain regards and with make-believe psychological analyses of his deeds based on this and similar facts. If you ask me this is not something that should concern historians. Nonetheless, it is evident that some historians work like paparazzis.

24.       armegon
1872 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 02:13 am

I havent watched the film as i am abroad, but i have received several e-mails regarding this film. All the e-mails nearly says the same that this film is a part of a propogand of Atatürk trying to show him alcoholic, a man with psychological disorder, ill-tempered, a coward dictator who was trying to revenge of Salonica instead of wellfare of the Turkish nation. And the excuse is that film was trying to show the human Atatürk, also their claim is that Atatürk is idolized like God same like the claim of Islamists.


These reminds me the expressions of imperialists about Atatürk and the comments of racist Armenians and also this forum . If the film is like that, surely needs to be criticized. Btw i was watching Dündar on tv laterly trying to reply the criticims, he was very positive and flattering on tv. Whats the issue? "Turks need a "fairy tale about Atatürk" so he has shown like a superman, but we showed the human Atatürk". Thats simply absurd,  Is Turkish Republic a fairy tale? Ohh we did not know he was a human, thank all, they reminded and educated us. I always wonder how Atatürk done all that things if he was human, i was thinking he was from another galaxy . Anyway i havent seen anyone worshipping Atatürk in all my life unfortunately but seen people trying to use him. It is very-well known that he was smoking, drinking, irreligious even a fan of Fenerbahçe and that was not hurting anyone except bigots, but the problem is now; someones trying to represent these things hurtful as a part of propogand. Besides whats the aim of criticising his private life? He had died, let people talk about what he left behind instead. But of course these are not related things that they dislike about Atatürk and no wonder some people very well know what are those, and why they dislike Atatürk ...


Lastly shame on sneaky people who tries to commemorate Atatürk on 10 November or 29 October with his drinkings, smokings instead of his leadership, his revolutions...

25.       armegon
1872 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 03:24 am

thehandsom, i began to think you have some problems of remembering, i maybe try to describe these tens of times here. Remember, i put emphasis on target is Atatürk nationalism, army, Republic etc here, lit some light? btw as i said i havent watched the movie yet, so i criticized it supposing how i described. Anything wrong? It seems you are disturbed. A movie cannot be criticized? Saying this is a propogand video makes me paranoid?? Isnt it a propogand video? Actually nearly all movies carry a message.


How many people worship him as a God?Where is your evidence or source?Give me some examples of people who is worshipping Atatürk? You can suspect whatever you want, i have also many suspects for you that i cleared before .


I think the attributes "worshipping to Atatürk" & "Atatürk as God" are the ones people like you use many times to accuse people and the ones who tries to humiliate Atatürk. There is respect for Atatürk of course and thats the problem of that ones including you .

26.       tamikidakika
1346 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 06:33 am



27.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 12:19 pm





28.       femmeous
2642 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 01:29 pm


Quoting tamikidakika

I have never seen anyone worshipping Ataturk as god before, but I know there are many people worshipping soros as god, and Im seriously suspecting that you are one of them.


 opppa! soros? oppa oppa! why do people like you hate soros?

i personally was many times cursed for being pro-soros agent. lol although i never had any relation to his activities.

whenever i discuss with nationalists they jump out with soros, and curse me so hard.

i know, they hate soros for bringing education and light into dark minds of sheep.

29.       femmeous
2642 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 01:32 pm

Ataturk is God of Turkey. turks worship ataturk. even his name Father of turks stands for it no matter how much you deny your cult.

sorry, have to say that.

30.       si++
3785 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 01:56 pm


Quoting femmeous

Ataturk is God of Turkey. turks worship ataturk. even his name Father of turks stands for it no matter how much you deny your cult.

sorry, have to say that.


Right. But you don´t need to be sorry. That´s OK. That´s the way it is. And we are not sorry for it.

(174 Messages in 18 pages - View all)
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