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Norway: island shooting death toll rises to 84
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40.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 08 Aug 2011 Mon 03:37 pm


Quoting alameda

You, of course realize, what you are doing is repeating hateful Islamaphobe talking points. However saying it does not make it so. Do you think pounding out the same tired talking points over and over again will cause it to be?

I admit, it is possible some ignorant people do "in the name of XXX" as they do for other causes, and have done so with or wthout religion. Depravity knows no color lines or borders, it infects all societies. We could go on and on trading what XXX does and what ZZZ does...it does get tedious.  




Oh right, it´s better not to mention it at all, that will surely solve the problem {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} Sorry if you´re bored by my open disgust at crimes committed in the name of religions, but I strongly feel that we need to educate societies about the black pages in religious books of their neighbours

41.       vineyards
1954 posts
 08 Aug 2011 Mon 10:48 pm

My wife occassionally calls me a selfish person; that is after quite a few decades of joint life and on top of a romantic background. I don´t carry a mirror; I think, I am quite alright but it seems many of my opinions are not shared by everyone. This calls to mind how difficult it is to get along well with people.

On a larger scale, society is very much that way; no matter how we try we can´t please everyone. Regardless of what we are discussing, there will always be different opinions. Remember people don´t pay you because you are good; nor do they marry your because you have a golden heart, you can´t win a contract just because you have a golden heart; even if you are Jesus Christ, there will be more people who don´t think like you than those who do.

I believe even Socrates would need a break from philosophy once in a while. A pro-freedom Pole having a disgust for religions can´t get along with an American pro-Muslim woman. Yet, they can talk about flowers and the stuff. They can talks about a zillion of other matters that has nothing to do with religion. This is exactly how common people get along; and it is a proven basis for tolerance a quality which is usually harder to find than faith.

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42.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 09 Aug 2011 Tue 04:15 am

Talking about our differences is far more stimulating than agreeing that flowers are beautiful.  {#emotions_dlg.flowers} Which they are...of course!  RIGHT???  

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