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30.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 13 Nov 2012 Tue 09:42 am


Quoting og2009


ABD´deki çatırtılar artık haberlere de yansıyor:

Barack Obama´nın ikinci kez Beyaz Saray´a seçilmesinin haftası bile dolmadan ABD´de ´ayrılıkçı´ hareketler başladı.

Lousiana ve Texas eyaletlerinde, ABD´den kopmak amacıyla imza kampanyaları açıldı.

http://www.haberturk.com/ dunya/haber/ 793309-abd-bolunuyor




Whatever happened to J.F.K ?

31.       alameda
3499 posts
 13 Nov 2012 Tue 05:02 pm


Quoting AlphaF

Enough arguing! Let´s all just be happy that Mr. Obama will lead the U.S. for another four years. At least there will be room for some understanding between peoples!

Mr.Obama won, supported by a coalition of minority groups - much to the disappointment of WASP upper class.

..........I feel Americans made the right choice !{#emotions_dlg.alcoholics}

I agree with you Mr. A...although I´d like to point out the fact there is a huge immigrant natualized citizens who are changing the complexion and culture in the USA.

It probably is that where I live has more immigrants than the "heartland" (which is pretty pale), that is in the SF Bay Area. For example, just in the last 20 years we have had a large Afghan immigration, not to mention the already very large Philipean community, the Indians, the various South Asian communities, the various Horn of Africa group.  It´s easy to find bread from Ethiopia and Eritria, and exotic vegetables from South Asia. I´ve discovered different types of Korean Kimchee. The girls who prepars my moring expresso are from Bulgaria or Eritria, my bank has people from Latin America, Afghanistan, Russia and more. 

As an example, fifty years ago it was hard to find sushi, now it´s over the place. You can find it in almost any Super Market. 

By the third generation people usually are mixed with other races and ethnicities. God bless the immigrants. They bring  energy and fresh vision. 

I hope Obama does a good job, but he is just one tiny cog in the wheel, and as you see, there are way too many who do not wish him well. I can´t imagine how anyone could have actually voted for the "other" guy. Were they that ignorant as to their own well being?

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32.       alameda
3499 posts
 13 Nov 2012 Tue 05:11 pm

Sadly, I agree with you. I think Ibn Khaldun noted this in his works. Empires get lazy and corrupt, they feel they are in a dominant position because they are who they are and others are lesser human beings. They become lazy and debauched, then the new desparate, hungry group comes in and starts over and the process continues.

We have seen it over and over, but we don´t learn. I thnk the only thing that has saved the US so far, and let´s face it, the US is not even 300 years old, is the immigrants. 

Quoting gokuyum

America is not different than other empires. Having so much power corrupt them. Isn´t America "New Rome" now?



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33.       alameda
3499 posts
 14 Nov 2012 Wed 02:15 am

I too try to keep optomistic, however there are certain facts to deal with. One is that
America gets way too much credit for the world situation.

Corporations appear to rule a great deal, and the big ones are multinational.....and for some insane reason they have aquired "personhood" in the USA, giving them tremendous powers that they are not shy about wielding. 

Quoting trip

Okay, no more arguments. America is an evil empire. It is the root of all of Turkey´s problems. Even if the Cold War and, hopefully, the era of Turkish coups are past. And even if the men who made the policies of those years are long gone. ... If blaming America makes you feel better, AlphaF, that is your choice. I myself prefer optimism and self-determination.




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