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Hikaye birlesik Zamani
1.       A.L
7 posts
 16 Nov 2013 Sat 11:39 pm

Can anyone of you pleae say anything regarding this tense ? i am mainly interested for the translation in english language of each of the tenses that take the suffix of the past tense 

2.       tolgacelik
3 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 12:53 am

"Hikaye Bileşik Zamanı" always ends with the suffix of "-di" is used to tell a story (tense of the story books) or mention something happened previously. You can build up this tense by combining "-di" with all of the basic tenses and modals except past tense with "-di". Instead of "-di-di", "-miş-ti" is more suitable as in the second example.


Eve geri dönüyordum. (I was going back home)    

Bisiklete binmiştim. (I had ridden a bike)                

Okula gidecektim. (I was going to go to school)

Kitap okumaktan nefret ederdim. ( I would hate reading a book)

Koşamazdım. (I couldn´t run)

Seninle dalga geçmemeliydim. (I shouldn´t have made fun of you)

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3.       A.L
7 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 11:25 am

Thank you ...how would you translate ´´boyadiydim´´ and ´´yuzmeseydim; which the later i suppose is ´´if only i didn´t swim


Also , what exatly is the meaning of Hikaye ? Does it mean narrations?


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4.       mehmet111
195 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 12:30 pm

the past continuous tense: http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_285


Şimdiki zamanın hikâyesini, şimdiki zamanla çekimlemiş olduğun fiile ek fiilin geçmiş zamanının ekini getirirsen elde edersin.

Geniş ve gelecek zamanların hikâyelerini de aynı şekilde yaparsın.

(You get the past continuous by bringing the extra verb´s past suffix to the verb you had conjugated with the present continuous tense.

You do the past tenses of the present simple and future tenses in same way.)


for the past form of the extra verbs:


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5.       A.L
7 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 01:57 pm

Thank you Mehmet .... in your lessons  iam not finding the MIS/MUS + PAST tense mode .... ... can you help me with it ?

6.       A.L
7 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 02:05 pm

oh.. never mind as i found it ..again ..many thanks 

7.       mehmet111
195 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 05:56 pm

Başlangıç seviyesi derslerine bak. (Look at the beginner level lessons.)



Edited (11/17/2013) by mehmet111

8.       tolgacelik
3 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 11:18 pm

Hikaye means story/tale.

We never say boyadıydım in İstanbul accent. Say boyamıştım (I had painted) instead of it. Same meaning.


Yüzmeseydim is simply I wish i didn´t swim. -se is a suffix of wish (keşke). Keşke yüzmeseydim is also possible.

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