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1.       rmc9757
4 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 04:40 am

Merhaba. I am currently learning from mainly Turkish Tea Time podcasts (which you can download from iTunes) and TurkishClass.com.

I have been learning Turkish for quite a few weeks now, and I have learned vowel harmony, Turkish alphabet, about 170 words, present continuous tense, and personal pronouns and their suffixes, and a few other suffixes.

Here is a phrase that is confusing me. Person 1 I understand, but I am adding it so you can understand what context it is in. I am confused about what Person 2 says.

Person 1: Kedi veya köpek seviyorsun? (Do you like cats or dogs?)

Person 2: Kedileri tecih ederim. ((I) prefer cats.)

Although I understand what it means, I am confused about the verb.

"Tecih etmek" means to choose or prefer, from what I understand. When to say that I do something, I add -im to the verb (without -mak/-mek) and change according to consonant and vowel harmony and add a fusion/buffer consonant if necessary.

For example, "Ben dondurma yeyim." (I eat ice cream.)

In that case, wouldn´t "tecih etmek" become "tecih edim"? Why does it become ederim? Is there another suffix in there? What is the "-er"?

Teşekkür ederim!


2.       mehmet111
195 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 12:18 pm



tercih (preference)

tercih etmek (to prefer)


"mi" postposition gives meaning of question. 

kedi mi? (cat?)

köpek mi? (dog?)


kedi+ler(plural)+i(accusative)--->kedileri (the cats (acc.))

köpek+ler+i(plural)+i(accusative)>köpekleri (the dogs (acc.))


Kedileri mi köpekleri mi seviyorsun? (Do you like the cats or the dogs?)

=Kedileri mi seviyorsun köpekleri mi?

for the questional emphasizing: http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_370


for the present simple tense: http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_267 http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish_lesson_268


ye+r(present simple)+im(personal suffix of 1st singular)

--->yerim (I eat)


Ben dondurma yerim. (I eat ice cream.)


tercih et+r+im----->tercih ederim (I prefer)


yemek (1meal, 2to eat)

ye+me(verbal noun)+i(accusative)-->yemeyi (eating (acc.))


Dondurma yemeyi tercih ederim. (I prefer to eat ice cream. (direct: I prefer eating ice cream.))

Edited (11/17/2013) by mehmet111

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3.       rmc9757
4 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 06:54 pm

Teşekkür ederim.

However, in the page you linked, there was an example "yatmak" -> "yat-a-r-lar" -> "yatarlar." "They lied."

Why does the "t" stay a "t"? In the case of "tecih etmek," it turns into "tecih ed-e-r-im," and the "t" becomes "d" because of consonant harmony rules.

Why doesn´t "yatarlar" become "yadarlar"?

Thank you again.

4.       mehmet111
195 posts
 17 Nov 2013 Sun 07:07 pm



"gitmek" and "etmek" are exceptions for the softening of consonant for the verbs.

5.       rmc9757
4 posts
 18 Nov 2013 Mon 10:51 pm

Thank you. I´m sorry because I learned starting with the classes under the "Classes" tab, not Mehmet111´s Grammar Garden. Now I am sure to check those out as well.

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