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10.       Cornelia
17 posts
 19 Sep 2005 Mon 09:15 am

3 years ago i made my first visit to Turkey and i couldnt understand nothing in turkish.
it took me 3 weeks to start understand the first words in turkish.After 6 month hearing the language every day i could understand and say full sentences myself.I neither learn english grammar nor turkish.My online friends says i write english good as well as turkish, but I know i make mistakes.hope in time i will learn both languages very well.

turkish is harder to learn then english of my view.

wish me good luck and patience.

11.       Lilith
16 posts
 19 Sep 2005 Mon 11:22 am

I've also just started my adventure with turkish. I stated from learning grammar from websites. I came to Turkey a month ago. I try to listen what people are saying and find the words or structures I know. But it is much easier for me to understand what people are saying than to say anything. I hope in time my speaking will get better. Now I try to learn some words by reading and solving crosswords in turkish.

12.       aliakpinar
2 posts
 23 Sep 2005 Fri 03:56 pm

Herkese merhaba,
Benim adım Ali. Ben bir öğretmenim.
Ben yeni bir üyeyim. Bu yüzden, merhaba demek istiyorum.
Görüşmek üzere.
Saygılar ve sevgiler.

13.       Bursali
400 posts
 24 Sep 2005 Sat 06:47 pm

merhaba aliakpinar.benim adim coskun ben de bir ogrenciyim.

14.       hande84
18 posts
 27 Sep 2005 Tue 05:55 am

I just started learning Turkish, and it is kinda weird learning since its totally opposite of English.But so far it isn't too complex.

15.       Bursali
400 posts
 28 Sep 2005 Wed 12:52 am

hey hande,yes its totaly the opposite of english but it is easy in a way.You read what you see , not like in english. in english there is more than one sound for every letter but in turkish mostly likely there is only one sound for every letter.

16.       hande84
18 posts
 28 Sep 2005 Wed 01:55 am

yah bursali, thats one thing I really like about it.

17.       Lindaxxx
230 posts
 28 Sep 2005 Wed 10:49 pm

I have just come accross a fantastic web site for learning Turkish grammar, it goes to great lenghs of explaining everything in a simple easy to understand way. I am sure that it will be a lot of help to new learners of Turkish like myself. You can find it at http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/index.htm

18.       laura
60 posts
 29 Sep 2005 Thu 12:07 am

I've deceided to learn Turkish and have arranged my first private lesson for this Saturday.

In preparation, I decided to use this site to get to grips with the main concept of Turkish. I must be honest, I had to ready the vocab 1-3 pages at least 5 times each but it finally clicked and now understand vowel harmonies and the addition of suffixes.

It seems to me that once you can grasp the concept of structuring sentences, its pretty much word for word and stinging words together has come easier then when I had to do it in french!

Hopefully I should be a bit better in a few months and can perhaps attempt some basic translations!

This website rocks!


19.       Bursali
400 posts
 29 Sep 2005 Thu 03:13 am

good lck with your turkish lessons.

20.       Danielle
6 posts
 03 Oct 2005 Mon 07:51 am

Merhaba everyone!

I just wanted to say one think about the Turkish language. I love the fact that it's basically all phanetic! (now this is coming from someone who lives in the sates) As soon as you know the sound of all of the letters in the alphabet you can read pretty much everything. Now granted you don't really know what the heck it means, but you can read it! That's always a start! I'm also trying to find a good way to learn the language. If anyone out there knows of good Cds or anything, please let me know... thanks...


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