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50.       mella
202 posts
 16 Nov 2005 Wed 02:54 pm


Attila once said to me - 'never mind learning vocabulary, start with the grammar' - this was the best advice I ever got about learning Turkish. I have had just 3 formal lessons so far and my (absolutely wonderful - you know who you are) teacher has started with basic grammar and it has revolutionised by learning style. Obviously you pick up vocabulary as you go, but if you start learning the suffixes and how to use them, it makes things so easy.

I also agree. Although vocabulary is very important in Turkish, the grammar is the most useful issue to begin with.

51.       nmmasterz
1 posts
 16 Nov 2005 Wed 08:07 pm

So how hard or complicating do you think it would be for an American to live in Turkey? Or in Almati in the mountains?

52.       erdinc
2151 posts
 17 Nov 2005 Thu 03:10 am

Quoting nmmasterz:

So how hard or complicating do you think it would be for an American to live in Turkey? Or in Almati in the mountains?

Greetings nmmasterz,
welcome to Turkish Class.
Since this topic and this section of forum is about learning Turkish it would be more appropriate to post in our special forum on living in Turkia. Regards.


53.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 17 Nov 2005 Thu 03:12 am

i actually think that a language's level of difficulty depends on what ur first language is, right?

54.       Bursali
400 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 12:49 am

i think it should be easy for you to live in turkey. but if you want to live in mountains of turkey than you would need some else to live or be with you. mountains might be a dangerous area to live.

55.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 01:58 am

Quoting miss_ceyda:

i actually think that a language's level of difficulty depends on what ur first language is, right?

i am like prof

56.       Lyndie
968 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 01:41 pm

Well I have now learned 6 suffıxes! My vocabulary is building all the time and I can read so much more easily now İ can break down the words and recognise the suffixes.

İ can now also write my own sentences.

İt ıs harder to speak because İ dont get so much practise but İ still agree with Attia 100%

57.       Elisa
0 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 01:54 pm

When did you start studying Turkish, Lyndie?


58.       Lyndie
968 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 02:20 pm

I started learning Turkish in a disorganised way last summer. Just simple 'holiday' phrases. Then again in the Autumn I started learning more seriously, but again in a disorganised way and concentrating on vocabulary. I got my advice from Attila before I started my personal tuition which is now 7 1 hour lessons ago. My teacher says I learn quickly. Well that is 60% his fabulous teaching style, but it also helps that I remember all the stuff I learned in a disorganised way.
What I mean is, I leaned a lot, but i didn't know how to use it. Now i have had formal organised lessons, the old stuff I learned is coming back to me and falling into place.

Strangely enough I have learned a lot from music also. I am crazy about Ismail YK (ok ok I can hear all the groans and hissing sounds from the Turkish class mates - I know you all hate the 'Scrumptious One') Anyway, i listen to their music all the time, it is permanently on my car cd and I listen at home whenever the family can bear it or are out. I have translated some of my favourite songs. My point, when i get round to it, is that i have 'absorbed' pronunciations, I can 'see' the words and how they sound, because I also always download the lyrics to my favourite songs and this has also helped me enormously.

My teacher laughs at me all the time, because he will ask me how I know a particular word and then i start singing to him the song that I learned the word from. For example this week, he asked me how I knew 'düşmek' and I started singing 'Geceler' to him. I have learned countless words in this way!

there are also some grammar rules that I learned from listening to the songs also. I just didn't know I'd learned them until my teacher taught me a particular rule and I thought to myself 'OH yeah! - like blah blah'

If you learned French in an English school, you will remember that they always teach you a few songs. It is an obvious learning tool. Because songs are generally fun to listen to.

Ismail YK sings a lot of slow songs which are quite short and easy to find and download as are the lyrics. The slow songs make it easier to listen to the actual words and if you can read the lyrics while you are listening, this helps tune your 'ear' to allow you to 'hear' the words that you are looking at.

The only downside to this, is that my early Turkish vocabulary were all about love, loss and sorrow : D
'Son Defar' Last Time
'Nerdesin' Where are you
'Isterim Seni' I want you
'Seni Ozledim' i missed you
'Elveda' Farewell
blah blah blah blah ............

59.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 02:26 pm

yeah... i have used songs a lot in my turkish studies too... i think ur right about how they get your ears used to the words...
what also helps is if u get the song's lyrics in turkish and english next to each other and then just keep reading through them as the song is playing.. then u actually know what u are singing.. enjoying the song.. and actually learning what all the words means too..!
good luck.. and ur very lucky to have a turkish teacher... i wish i did..

60.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 20 Nov 2005 Sun 02:45 pm

I am at a frightening standstill with my Turkish I started last April and approached it as a trained linguist by learning the whole grammar. Unfortunately it proved not really a good option as I totally neglected the vocabulary. Now I am looking for ways for memorising words but be it my age () or poor memory retention - I somehow end up banging my head against the wall when I come across a word that I HAD seen but still can't remember it.
I am a native of one of the most difficult languages to learn and I am a language teacher so learning a new language should not be very difficult. However, my limited contact with Turkish results in passive knowledge. I can write but when it comes to speaking...don't ask...
As Lyndie said, it's best when you have a tutor who'll not only guide you and organise your learning process but also provide contact with pronunciation and make you interact not only verbally.

(92 Messages in 10 pages - View all)
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