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Let´s replace some foreign words with Turkish words.
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30.       Burak7777777
96 posts
 05 Apr 2011 Tue 01:29 pm


Quoting MarioninTurkey



 Again, this one doesn´t quite give the same sense. Tek erklik means one ruler, so a despot or dictatorship is also tek erklik.


There are subtle differences for a monarchy, which probably I can´t explain without going to political science classes, but in short, the vesting of power in a family, with succession going to a child on death must be one, and also the fact that most monarchies these days are just figureheads, with power being in the hands of elected government. 


my opinion would be that monarch comes from mono and arch, translating these directly mono = tek arch = şef/baş so i would say the translation is right, directly, though the words have gained different meanings troughout history i would say "tek er" translation remains geniusly correct

31.       Burak7777777
96 posts
 05 Apr 2011 Tue 02:31 pm


Quoting tunci



 Yat Limanı is accepted as turkish equivalent of  Marina by Turkish Language instutition.(TDK)

But as we think yes there are not pure turkish words May be we can find and offer TDK  another name for it; may be like " Tekne barınağı"



actually jagen comes from the norwegian word jagt, which came there from greenland which was settled in the first asian migration. people sailed there from siberia and are connected to the asian tribes that have descended the native americans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleo-Eskimo

so actually the word yat might be more than turkish than we could imagine.


and the word liman can be debated to be greek or sychian as it appeared in these seperate regions at the same historical period. but either way tdk has made a mistake in their approval (as always) since liman in turkish means a natural occurance, like the opening of a rivermouth or a cove, not a man-made dock. yat barınağı sounds more accurate to me.



32.       tunci
7149 posts
 27 Dec 2012 Thu 06:10 pm


Foreign word             Turkish word 

Tekst   = [Fr. texte ]  --->  Metin

Tekstil = [ Fr. textile] ----> Dokuma , Dokumacılık

Teoloji = [ Fr. theologie] ---> Tanrı bilimi

Teori   = [ Fr. theorie]    ----> Kuram


Source = http://www.tdkterim.gov.tr

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