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90.       Ayla
0 posts
 27 Jan 2007 Sat 11:19 pm

ok I'm back.

I knew he would agree. Becuse I haven't done any action to make him angry. We have both played our roles in a suitable to expectations way. I hadn't been wrong... He answered exactly as I expected him:
- Ok, ok. Give me fifty som. But from now on be more careful! You should know that the crossing priority belongs to pedestrians...
I paid the fifty som and getting into my car I entered my street that was just five meters ahead.
When I got close to the dark entrance of my eight floored, resembling an old prison or a student dormitory huge apartment house, I quickly inspected the surroundings. When I understood that I hadn't been followed, I entered quickly and closed the door. In this area all the buildings had a secret code on their entrance doors and only the residents of the apartment or their acquaintances could open the doors and enter their buildings by using those codes. The reason I entered in a hurry and closed the door was nothing but a protection measure from the probable attack of the bullies which their number and attacks have been increasing gradually in the city. If any of them followed me, it was impossible for them to open the coded door and come inside.
In the darkness, I pressed the elevator button I have found with hand skill. But that damned piece of machinary wasn't working again. I headed towards the stairs swearing. In most of the staircases and floors there was no light.

(to be continued)

91.       metehan2001
501 posts
 27 Jan 2007 Sat 11:33 pm

Welcome back, Ayla! Both I and my story missed you. I am sure the readers of your translations, too.

92.       Ayla
0 posts
 27 Jan 2007 Sat 11:43 pm

thanks metehan2001, I see that it has waited for me, I'll continue it tomorrow.

93.       Ayla
0 posts
 28 Jan 2007 Sun 09:32 am

(part 20 continued)

A person was facing a serious torture when combining the distress of climbing eight floors with the difficulty of doing that in complete darkness. Everyone knew that the only reason for this darkness was that the residents of the building had stollen the lightbulbs which were put in the shared areas and used them in their own apartments; but this ugly behavior couldn't been put a stop to.
After the bribe I had given to the policeman, the necessity to climb the stairs of the building in the darkness had spoilt my mood entirely. Luckily, the lamp I had paid the building manager especially and made him put in the corridor in which my flat was, was still in it's place.I opened the outer door with the huge strange key , and then the inner door with the small key I have chosen from the key holder I took out of my pocket and entered my warm flat.

(to be continued)

94.       Ayla
0 posts
 28 Jan 2007 Sun 10:53 am

(part 20 continued)

When I entered inside Classic Cafe's door the time was almost seven. Shef Arman who was sitting at the first table near the entrance, the regular guest Dima and the security guard shook my hand saying "welcome" with their usual smiling expression. Considering the special chat I was going to make with my soon to arrive friend, I refused their invitiation to sit at their table politely and walked towards the inner part of the room. The waitresses Aida, Yana, Ümüt and Ulay, who were waiting near the bar for the orders that the customers would give, as if they have agreed before, said "hello!" joyfully when I passed by them. I answered their greeting and after shaking hands with the young barman Ermak I sat at one of the corner tables.
After I settled myself on my chair, when I looked at the girls to call one of them and to order, I noticed that they were observing me laughing. They didn't give me a chance to open my mouth. Putting on a know-it-all expression they asked in a chorus:
- Isn't it tea with milk "bayke"*?

*bayke= a Kyrgyzian word meaning an older brother

(to be continued)

95.       Ayla
0 posts
 28 Jan 2007 Sun 03:22 pm

(last of part 20 )

I joined their game too. Acting as if I'm angry I said:
- Ok, understood... You know everything... Don't get spoiled and bring my tea!
Thinking that they have made me angry, they looked at each other and gigled once again. During the last two and a half years, nearly every evening after I have finished my classes, I turned coming to this cafe into a habit. While the customers and part of the waiters have changed, regular customers like me and these girls have remained loyal; we formed in this location a staff, that looked as if almost wouldn't change. From the boss to the security guards, the workers of the cafe, treated me as a regular customer at first, and in time began to treat me in a close and respectful way. Maybe my being older than all of them, their learning that I'm an official teacher in the university and I suppose their perception of me as different from the other customers keeping a distance from alcoholic beverages and from women had a role in that. Each one of those people deserved respect. Especially the waitresses... Even though they could sell their bodies like other girls in their age and earn much more than they got now, they agreed to work in this cafe for twelve hours a day like bees for a modest salary.

96.       metehan2001
501 posts
 28 Jan 2007 Sun 04:04 pm

Ayla, thanks again. Here is PART 21

Aida, çayımı masaya bırakırken sordu:
- Bugün nasılsınız bayke?’’
- Sağol Aida!.. İyiyim ..’’ dedim ve ilave ettim:
- Sen nasılsın? Eşin Tarel - Tarel, uzun süre Klasik Kafe’de güvenlik görevlisi olarak çalışmış ve üç ay önce bu işinden ayrılmıştı. Birkaç yıl önce, Dünya Judo Şampiyonası’nda Kırgızistan adına yarışmış ve dereceye girmiş bir sporcuydu. – ve küçük kızın Şirin nasıllar?
- Teşekkürler, bayke!.. Tanrı’ya şÃ¼kür, hepimiz iyiyiz..’’ diye cevap verdi Aida..
- Pekala.. Eşine selam söyle ve Şirin’i benim için öp!..’’ dedim.
Aida, yanımdan ayrılırken, içeriye ikisi kız, ikisi erkek yeni bir müşteri grubu girdi. Kızlar, benim çaprazıma düşen masaya doğru yürürken, yanlarındaki erkeklere fark ettirmeden bana doğru kaçamak bir bakış fırlattılar. Onların bu bakışları, her zamanki gibi, dikildikleri yerden kafeyi tarassut altında bulunduran garson kızların gözlerinden kaçmadı. Bana bakarak ‘‘Gördük!’’ der gibi gülümsediler. Ben de ‘‘Benim, hiçbir günahım yok!’’ anlamında ellerimi iki yana açtım.

97.       Ayla
0 posts
 29 Jan 2007 Mon 12:19 pm

Aida asked me while placing my tea on the table:
- How are you today bayke (big brother)?"
- Thank you Aida, I'm well" I said and added:
- How are you? How is yor husband Tarel- Tarel had worked in Classic cafe for a long time as a security guard and had left his job three months ago. He was a professional athlete, who had competed a few years ago as a representative of Kyrgyzstan in World Judo Championship and had won a degree- and how is your little girl Shirin?
- Thank you bayke!... Thanks God, we are all well..." Aida answered.
I said:
- Fine... Give your husband my regards and kiss Shirin for me..."
When Aida moved away from me, a customer group of two girls and two men came inside. The girls, while walking towards the table diagonal to me looked at me with a secret glance without letting the men with them notice that. Those glances didn't escape the eyes of the waitresses who, as always kept the cafe under surveillance from the place they stood at. Looking at me they smiled as if saying: "We saw it!". And I opened my arms to two sides meaning "It's not my fault!"

98.       metehan2001
501 posts
 29 Jan 2007 Mon 08:21 pm

Here is PART 22, Ayla.

Çayımı yudumlarken, kafenin yanındaki Rus Elçiliğinin bahçesini seyre daldım. Dışarda, yine lapa lapa kar yağmaya başlamıştı. Elçiliğin bahçesindeki yeşili hiç kaybolmayan çamların dalları karla örtülmüştü. Çamların arasına dikilmiş direklerdeki lambaların aydınlığında, havada uçuşan kar taneleri doyumsuz bir manzara meydana getiriyordu. Çocukluğumdan beri bu manzaraların seyrine tutkundum. Kimi yazar ve şairlerin, böylesine güzel manzaraların ortaya çıkışına vesile olan ‘‘kışâ€™â€™ın ‘‘ölüm’’ü çağrıştırdığını söylemesi, bana her zaman saçma gelmişti. İnsanoğlunun yeryüzünde sebep olduğu bütün çirkinlik ve pislikleri bembeyaz örtüsüyle kapatan kış, bence hayranlık ve minnettarlığımızı hak ediyordu.

99.       Ayla
0 posts
 29 Jan 2007 Mon 10:09 pm


While sipping my tea, I watched distractedly the garden of the Russian Embassy which was near the cafe. On the outside the snow began to fall in big flakes again. In the embassy garden the branches of the pine trees, that haven't lost their greenness at all, were covered with snow. In the light of the lamps that stood between the pine trees, the snow flakes flying in the air were producing a view you couldn't get enough of. Since my childhood I had been an admirer of this scenery. The saying of some authors and poets, that the appearence of these beautiful views caused by "winter" reminded "death", had always looked as nonsense to me. The winter, that covered with it's pure white cover all the ugliness and dirt humankind caused on earth, was in my opinion worth our admiration and gratitude.

100.       metehan2001
501 posts
 31 Jan 2007 Wed 12:09 am

Ayla, here is PART 23,
Şahid’in sesiyle dalgınlığımdan sıyrıldım:
- Merhaba, dostum!.. Bakıyorum, yine dalmışsınız..
- Merhaba Şahid!’’ dedim, elini sıkarak.. ‘‘Şu güzelliği seyrediyordum...’’ diye devam ettim. Şahid, karşımdaki sandalyeye oturdu ve gösterdiğim manzaraya baktı. Güzellik karşısında genellikle aynı frekansları paylaştığımız dostumun da bu manzaradan etkileneceğinden emindim.
Şahid, bir müddet gözlerini bahçeden ayıramadı. Sonra bana dönerek:
- Dikkatinize hayranım, kardeşim!’’ dedi ve devam etti:
- Bakmak.. Ve güzelliği görmek.. Bu günlerde herkesin harcı değil.. Her an çevremizde.. uzaklardan değil, hemen yakın çevremizden söz ediyorum.. bulunan güzelliklerden habersiz, bir koşuşturmacanın içinde yaşıyor; hayatımızı tüketip gidiyoruz. Yağan karın şu güzelliğini acaba şu anda kaç kişi fark ediyordur? Ya da, bak.. karşıdaki durakta bir eliyle yaşlı ninesinin elini tutmuş, öteki eliyle kar taneciklerini yakalamaya çalışan sevimli yumurcağın saf neşesindeki güzelliği, yanlarından geçenlerin kaçı görüyordur, dersiniz?
Araya girmezsem, Şahid’in yorumları sonsuza kadar devam edecekmiş gibi görünüyordu. Aida’ya işaret ettim ve kız, yanımıza gelince, Şahid’e sordum:
- Affedersin dostum! Aida, sipariş için bekliyor. Ne alacaksın?

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