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Will non-Muslims go to heaven too?
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90.       amnariel
138 posts
 15 Oct 2008 Wed 02:14 pm


Quoting armegon

 The one you try to explain there in your post, more looks like the doctrine of Islam {#lang_emotions_wink}


{#lang_emotions_wink} but both religions are basically promoting SAME VIRTUEEEES, and that is what matters, isn´t it?

Or I´m just a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig idealist and dreamer... 

91.       catwoman
8933 posts
 15 Oct 2008 Wed 05:03 pm


Quoting Daydreamer

SCARY! I´ve read somewhere that


"When you talk to God

- you pray

When God talks to you

- you´re schizophrenic"



Cat´s going to be an admin in heaven? Holy Crap! Where do I sign up? lol


Teas...how´s your shrink these days?


Well, I WILL be! Why is that soooo surprising, eh? {#lang_emotions_get_you} 

don´t worry... all requests please send to Meltem as to where you wish to reside once in heaven (I made her the director of that department).

92.       amnariel
138 posts
 15 Oct 2008 Wed 06:05 pm


Quoting catwoman

don´t worry... all requests please send to Meltem as to where you wish to reside once in heaven (I made her the director of that department).


 Thank you! Service here is really excellent

93.       raindrops
267 posts
 16 Oct 2008 Thu 09:55 am


Quoting amnariel

Can someone please tell me how was the Holy Bible corrupted? I´ve heard this a few times, and when I asked how, in which way, no one knew to explain me furtner than "Quran says so" {#lang_emotions_confused} {#lang_emotions_bigsmile}


 in fact who knows who wrote books of Bible... Then there were much more texts, though imperor Konstantin dicided to put some into Bible and some not. He even was not christian and was baptised on deathbed... Most probably he chose advantageous texts

when people say smth like "Quran says so" it means they do not know and never wanted to know

94.       raindrops
267 posts
 16 Oct 2008 Thu 10:04 am


Quoting teaschip

  Otherwise, I never said that non-believers would be the only ones judged.  I believe we all will. 


 maybe we could start judging ourselves while we are still here? Life would become much better if we had moral court in our souls ... it is like being employee and employer. the latter takes all responsibility, directs the business, etc. this way is harder, of course

95.       raindrops
267 posts
 16 Oct 2008 Thu 10:36 am

we all believe. Some believe in God, some in gods, some - there is no god. though we all believe in smth. and defend our believes with enviable constancy. in accordance with our believes we have our hell and paradise. all of us will go somewhere... and we will not ask each other where... Muslims will not ask Christians and vice versa. thus, does not matter in what religion you are. ay statement here you either accept as axiom or does not accept, bec it can not be proved. all books ever written about it were written by humans who were still on the Earth.

the initial message says



To be sure, I can still say that my religion is the best way to God — but it may well be not the only way.

i may chose the worse way, though it is still way. What is best for one is the worst for other. and Who jadge the level of appropriateness of ways to heaven.


this topic is important to winning adherents, but it is the other story.

(95 Messages in 10 pages - View all)
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