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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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Need translation of beautiful poem... please
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1.       slavica
814 posts
 05 Jul 2005 Tue 01:20 am

Could someone, please, translate for me this beautiful poem? I can undrestand it, but not very well (the suffixe "digim" makes me a problem).
This is very important for me... I want to send poem to a friend in Turkey, but first I have to understand it completely.


Güneş yine tepemde
sen artık bir serapsın
yanlızlığın çölünde.
ve biliyorum ki;
Hiç kimseyi özlemedim,
seni özlediğim kadar...

Boğaz hala masmavi.
sen artık bir martı yuvasız
ve biliyorum ki;
Hiç kimseyi beklemedim,
seni beklediğim kadar...

Yol belgeselleri çekmiyorum,
Yollar sensiz ve sevisiz
güzellikler şehrinde.
ve biliyorum ki;
Hiç kimseyi öpmedim,
seni öptüğüm kadar.

Kuşlar ağaçlara küstü
ay bulutların ardında,
deniz fenerin çakmiyor artık.
Ve sen de biliyorsun ki;
hiç kimseyi sevmedim,
seni sevdiğim kadar...

Thanks in advance!

2.       erdinc
2151 posts
 08 Jul 2005 Fri 12:49 pm

I will give it a try. Maybe others will try also as I know there are better translators around.


The Sun is burning again
and you are a fantasy
in a desert of loneliness.
And I know
I havent missed anyone
so much as I have missed you.

The sea are still shining blue.
And you are a seamew lost in
the sky
and I know;
I havent waited for anyone
as much as I have
waited for you...

No more do I make documentaries
of journeys
journeys now without you
are meaningless in this land of beauty.
and I know;
I havent kissed anyone
as much as I have kissed you.

Birds dont talk anymore to trees
The moon is hidind behind the clouds
your lighthouse doesnt light anymore
and you know my love
I havent loved anyone
as much as I have loved you

Thanks in advance!
You are welcome. I have replaced a few word to keep the same impression.

3.       slavica
814 posts
 08 Jul 2005 Fri 10:16 pm

Çok teşekkür ederim, Erdinc
Your translation is exellent, very professional, and very poetic too. I like it very much, and I’m so grateful because, thanking you, now I can FEEL the soul of the poem.
Isn’t it really beautiful poem, so romantic and full of emotions?
Does anybody have some poems like this one? Will you write it for me?
Thanks again, Erdinc.
And keep on translating.
I’m sure that you are one of the best translators around!
P.S. I read in your profile that you are here to help others - well you helped me much!

4.       anto
14 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 03:40 pm

Dear Slavica, your poem is really rich of emotions. Who's the author? Do you know Nazim Hikmet ?? I think he is "the real poet"

5.       bliss
900 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 07:35 pm

My dearest sestrichka!
Thank you for this poem.It is very beautiful.It is full of passion.
And thank you, Erdinc for making it possible to understand it.Your translation is great.I like it very much.
Lately we are very sad because of mother-nature.Thank you both for making our spirits alive again with reminding us that there is beautiful feeling called LOVE.
I have a poem, now have to find somebody to send it
and this is for you, sestrichka!

6.       slavica
814 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 07:37 pm

Dear Anto, you wouldn't believe me, but this beautiful poem is from Mynet E-Kart!


I would also like to know who is the autor.
Yes, I know Nazim Hikmet and like his poetry very much. I read all his poems on TC (Admin's translations), and some others which I could find translated. Maybe you noticed, I posted one of his poems, very sad and moving poem "Letter to my wife" on this site. Unfortunately, I'm still not able to read Turkish poetry on their original language, and this is, actually, one of reasons why I'm trying to learn Turkish. I'm so optimistic, that I bought an antology of Turkish love poetry (about 600 poems!), on Turkish, WITHOUT TRANSLATION!
Nazim Hikmet had tragic life, full of suffering and I suppose this made him such a good and honest poet. Actually, after posting poem, I was planning to post short biografy of the poet, because I think that it could help readers to understand poem better. But I didn't have enough time, since I went to my vacation. I'm going to do this later.
What about you? Your Turkish? Do you love poetry? Who are your favourite poets? Maybe we could do something for this Forum, it seems pretty poor with posts and poetry doesn't deserve that!

7.       slavica
814 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 07:51 pm

If I remember well, this site became the proof that "love can move mountains".
Maybe we could take this sentence as MOTTO of TC.
Dear Bliss, I'm sure that you will meet very soon someone special, someone who will deserve to receive this wanderful poem from such precious person as you are.
I love you, sestrichka

8.       bliss
900 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 09:48 pm

Hello my dear Sibel(I know you love this name) but you still are my dear sestrichka!
You are right.You could move my heart though.I was in very bad mood but was laughing when read your post.Thank you!
LOVE is beautiful feeling!!!
I got one new quotation here and want to share with you.
"You can fall from a bridge, you can fall from above but the best way of falling is falling in LOVE!" It is from Indian poetry.
I am agree with you to have that motto.
Love Bliss

9.       slavica
814 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 11:07 pm

Well, sestrichka, it's not enough if you and me agree.
Let's hear what His Majesty Administrator will say about this idea.

10.       bliss
900 posts
 03 Sep 2005 Sat 02:14 am

You are right , sestrichka,
We'll wait.I think our lovely classmates will be agree with you too.And then His Majesty might give his approval.We'll hope.

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