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Thread: Ramadan Question

31.       barba_mama
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 27 Jul 2012 Fri 09:21 pm


32.       barba_mama
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 07 Jul 2012 Sat 12:00 am

I think it´s strange to call this the "god-particle," it´s such a strange thing that the media can put such a term into peoples´ brains like that. The term god-particle wasn´t coined to mean that this would be the evidence of god or something like that. And somehow it turned into that, it has an incredible ring to it. Like this discovery is the answer to everything and all. Seeing the Hobbs boson in action is a major step in science, but it has nothing to do with god. There is no proof for god, that´s why it is religion and faith.

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Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

33.       barba_mama
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 30 Jun 2012 Sat 12:24 pm


Quoting vineyards

OK I´ve learned my lesson today. Somehow, it felt like reading Rip Van Winkle for a moment Wink


Who is Rip van Winkle?

Thread: Turk & dogs

34.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 30 Jun 2012 Sat 12:21 pm


Quoting GulBahar


All acts are sins under civil law!

Is the judge going to make himslf a god!

What I do believe in is that if the the civil law takes its rules from Islam, life will be better in all way.

And for your try in S.A. they some times over do things... but not all muslim or sharia courts are the same.


The moment a country I live in would be ruled by sharia law, I would move away that second. I don´t think it´s a good idea to make the testamony of a woman less valuable than a man´s, make it legal for men to have several wives (but not the other way around), and more details like that. In broad lines modern laws are highly influences by religion anyway (Islam or Christian), and I think the laws are good just the way they are. It is the following of the laws that is the problem.

Thread: Turk & dogs

35.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 Jun 2012 Thu 11:19 pm


Quoting Abla



How come in my thinking the connection is so obvious? That´s what the concept of hell is all about.


I have lived in a poor country in an overcrowded slum among people who didn´t have anything but their righteusness based on their beliefs. Everyone knew my door was broken: you could open it by just kicking. No one ever kicked it.


There IS a connection, but the direction of this connection is not known. It is more likely that there is something else that causes both, even the professor himself says so. For example, biologically some people have preference for rules...or perhaps a feeling of right and wrong. These people might be more likely to believe in hell, and also more likely to not commit crimes.

Thread: Helping Turkish dogs

36.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 Jun 2012 Thu 11:09 pm

Reading the other thread about Turks and dogs reminded me about a competition I voted on yesterday. It´s a competition to win 5000 dollar, and the Turkish Animal Group is in the running. This organization helps stray dogs, and feeds them or catches them. Sometimes these dogs can even be adopted by happy new owners! The money would be used to make the shelter bigger, since recently another 14 pups have been dumped nearby the shelter, and there isn´t enough room for them. They also want to invest in a new car, since the owner now has to rent a car whenever she needs to take an emergency trip to the vet.

You can vote below!


Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

37.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 Jun 2012 Thu 10:55 pm


Quoting vineyards

To put it in a nutshell:

-I may have underestimated Holland but what about the other smaller countries like Belgium, Switzerland etc? Aren´t they regarded as one of Europe? Can´t a great deal of their economic success be attributed to their being members of the family?

-Returning to Holland and Turkey, in any tug of war between nations or regions, one has to take into account several parameters, I admit GDP is one of them. Still, there are also other significant parameters such as population, economic depth, foreign trade, gold and foreign exchange reserves and ultimately military power.

-Your GDP example is meaningful for countries experiencing an apex status in their economic performances. If one country´s economy performs in close range to theoratical maximum and if nearly all that performance is registered using the legal avenues, then we can conclude that country has reached its practical maximum and we can barely talkabout a substantial potential for further growth. Holland with its limited land, a well-established tax system and welfare society is one such example.

Turkey on the other hand gets reflected in key economic parameters perhaps as one thirds of what it actually is. Tax dodging is rampant in Turkey, joblesness is artificially higher because of abuses in legal statements. Turkey´s current GDP is actually still a bit higher than that of Holland. In reality, however, if all the trade activity could be truthfully indicated, it could (as many say) would increase substantially. What is more Turkey resembles a fast train with all its economic dynamism, it is in the process of reaching its apex. When this is done, it will be a very formidable economic power in Europe. I may not live to see that but the way it looks, it will certainly happen in the near future.

Add to that the fact that, at the end of the day what really counts is purchasing power. In Turkey, we have always been able to buy our friends dinners and lunches whenever we wished and in Holland are you still doing it by Dutch treat? What do you think about your grossly expensive lives? Why is even water so expensive in your country, do you realize this situation creates an artificial aura of welfare which doesn´t translate into practical benefit. In fact, the only reason why Turkey is expensive in certain items such as energy and say automotive is the government´s desire to balance budget deficit. This forces us to drive lesser cars and do fewer miles on account of sky-rocketing prices.


What do you mean, water is expensive in Holland? In Turkey I have to by bottled water to get a simple drink, in Holland I pay about 1 lira for a big bottle of drinkable water from my own tap My point was not about Turkey vs. Holland, but you are actually proof of what I´m saying. A lot, perhaps most Turkish people see Europe as a block that is uniform. Totalllly ignoring the past, the present, and also the future of all European countries that is so diverse. For example, Switzerland, that tiny country, is not part of the Euro. It doesn´t have to be, and doesn´t WANT to be because it has its own unique history of banking, which earns it a LOT of money. Europe is a continent, and the EU is just a group of countries... it is not A SINGLE country. Just like Turkey is on two continents, and it is part of NATO. NATO is not a single cultural entity.

And about your discrediting of Holland... Dutch treat is not called Dutch treat in Holland, but American style! We do this only with close friends, because we all want to give something to our friends. Than we debate about who picks up the bill for about half an hour "I´m taking the bill! No, let me pay!" that eventually, SOMETIMES, we decide to split it. It is a matter of fighting over the bill, not fighting over not paying. If you ever go out with a Dutch girl, please do not opt for "going Dutch", because she will never want to go out with you again. She will think you´re cheap, for not offering to pay the bill And I think you should nuance your view of the "grossly expencive" life in Holland, and look at the people in Turkey who live on minimum wage. You will find that they think life in Turkey is grossly expencive.

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Thread: Turk & dogs

38.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 Jun 2012 Thu 10:40 pm


Quoting Abla

I recently read about a research which proves that fear of God really works.


Religions have often been considered a shelter against crime and unethical action. Professor Arif Shariff from University of Oregon says it is also important to take into account what those religions teach. He says crime happens more in cultures which believe in forgiving and benevolent God. Religions with a strong penalising element prevent crime more efficiently.




I don´t know what to think of the article... I read it, but I don´t know if you can draw conclusions the way the professor did. Otherwise he should also conclude, according to these numbers, that being a Muslim makes you commit drug crimes (see the numbers in table 1. of http://sharifflab.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=1301) For the staticians under us, it is marked as a significant relationship. In any case, the article itself already states that the causality (what causes what) is not shown by these numbers. So it is not the case that the belief in hell causes people to not commit crime. It can be a personality trait of people that causes them to believe in hell, as well as causing them to not commit certain crimes. I also think it is a shame that national institutions (the laws they have, etc.) are not taking into account.


About changing religious dogma´s into laws. If all "sins" would become illegal by law, religion wouldn´t be religion anymore. It would have nothing to do with the choice to be, in this case, a muslim. In parts of the quran it says that you should no force people to be muslim, therefor making being muslim something that is regulated by law in itself anti-islamic. A paradox.

Thread: Turk & dogs

39.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 Jun 2012 Thu 10:25 pm

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Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

40.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 27 Jun 2012 Wed 01:38 pm


Quoting vineyards

Barba, refering to your last paragraph, in what context are you making these statements? History tells us there is a table in the middle and Europe is on one side and Turkey is on the other. (Turkey as the leader of the ME).

Do you realize, if it weren´t for an almost tangible union in Europe (not necessarily the EU),for example the Netherlands would hold no significance in terms of East-West relations at all with its tiny population and smallish economy. All European countries act in perfect unity regarding matters outside Europe. There are occasional problems that concern Europe only but those are completely outside the context here.

We could even say, if it weren´t for the European tradition and its intrinsic balances and dynamics, countries like Holland would not even exist and would have long been seized by Russia.

Contrary to what you say, Europe has a unity although it is made up of smaller elements. Everyone regards them like that and they regard everyone like that.

As for us, despite all our convergence and millenia long interaction that includes a massive mix up of bloods, we are still seen a non-European element. Everybody knows what is what, the rest is just void talk and hypocracy.


I view it as a snapshot of the present. We like to look at the past and talk about Europe or Turkey in times of sultans and empires, as if it is how Europe looks today. If that were true, Holland would still be a world power! I think your knowledge of Dutch history is very limited if you think it would be seized by Russia somehow, without the support of "Europe". Holland has influenced Russia more than the other way around (read about the history of St. Petersburg). I find it funny that you say that Holland has a "smallish" economy, since it is a bigger economy than Turkey when you measure it in GDP. I also don´t see Turkey as a leader of the Middle East. Somehow I don´t see Turkey as truly Middle Eastern. When I think Middle East, I think Arab. And Turkey is not an Arab country. Sure, it has some Arab influences, but even Holland has some Arab influences. Again, there have been more important Arab influences than Russian influence troughout my country´s history. But that is my point exactly. Turkey is nothing like Saudi Arabia (as a random Middle Eastern country). Nobody claims that Turkey is anything like Saudi Arabia. And people don´t hold Turkey responsible for anything that Saudi Arabians do or say. Why do a lot of Turkish people than think that Holland is somehow the same as, for example Greece, because it´s "Europe"? Turkey and Greece are much more similar than Greece and Holland will ever be. Living in the same house doesn´t make people family

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