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Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

41.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 26 Jun 2012 Tue 05:58 pm


Quoting Abla

My theory is thirty per cent of people are potential idiots everywhere. That´s about the maximum support populist parties can gain in European countries and usually they have to do with less. Other forces in the society can keep these people in order but in important matters cooperation is needed.


What is more worrying is the atmosphere which in my opinion has changed. It has become more accepted in my country at least to open one´s mouth for racist insults. Things that you heard from bums before you can hear from ordinary looking people. If one person in a full city bus calls a Somali mother an animal when she enters the bus and the rest of the passengers stay quiet I think the society is sick. They call it criticism of immigration but it is pure racism.


I have noticed the same in Holland, but recently I have also noticed that the pendle might be swinging back. Some people who have lived in a multi-cultural society for years with much pleasure, are starting to speak up against the somewhat "accepted" racist comments. I hope we can keep the pendle swinging back, away from racism before the next elections. I´d hate to see some idiot populist party gaining too much power.


However, I must also note that racism in Europe is not a "European love affair." It has nothing to do with finding "Europe" superior. The biggest populist in my country (Geert Wilders) finds Europe an idiotic concept, and sees the United States as an example that Holland needs to follow. I have a problem with some Turkish people seeing Europe as a single identity, because that itself seems a bit racist. The "West" is sometimes seen as 1 thing, with 1 mind and 1 opinion. Sometimes Turkish people judge me on what a single person in France or Germany does...

Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

42.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 24 Jun 2012 Sun 08:02 pm

Thread: Absurd news from the Globe

43.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 22 Jun 2012 Fri 04:04 pm


Quoting si++

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has decried recent racist attacks over Twitter against Turkish-German football player Mesut Özil, describing the comments as "revolting," private broadcaster NTV reported on its website.

Friedrich told German daily Neuen Osnabrücker that the comments were only "the tip of the iceberg."


During last Sunday´s game, someone on a personal account slammed the German international by tweeting: "Özil is absolutely not German. A piece of paper won´t change your roots."

Within minutes hundreds of Twitter users began following the account.

"Only pure-blooded Germans should play on the German team," the user continued to say.

The account was shut down after that.


From: here


Idiots... a piece of paper? Ozil was BORN in Germany, so he is German. Simple. The German team would be much worse without him. I think it´s great that Ozil is playing for Germany. A lot of people with foreign roots, who are born in Germany don´t feel German at all. It´s also good that the minister is saying out loud that this isn´t good. Sometimes ignoring idiots is not enough. I hope that somehow they can find these nazi´s and drag them into court.

Thread: Penn state?

44.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 20 Jun 2012 Wed 02:34 pm


Quoting si++



I´m just giving some clues. He´s being talked about as "guy from penn state" by some other member here. Since he doesn´t give his name, I won´t either.


Be creative. Google may help you find it.


Should we also find out what CoR stands for....? This thread is so vague, I don´t understand its point.

Thread: Best And Worst G20 Countries For Women

45.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 19 Jun 2012 Tue 07:25 pm


Quoting stumpy

the countries that have long maternity leave also have clauses for the father, that is why it is called parental leave.

the parents can split the leave in half so both of them can be with the child, in other words the mother can take 6 months and so can the father making it a total of 1 year between the two.

Also by that law:

At the end of the maternity leave, the employer must reinstate the employee in her former position and give her the wages and the benefits to which she would have been entitled had she remained at work.

If her position has been abolished, the employee retains the same rights and privileges that she would have enjoyed had she remained at work.

I think it is much better then the 40 days that used to be given in the past.


I want that too! Parental leave for Holland please

Thread: Best And Worst G20 Countries For Women

46.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 16 Jun 2012 Sat 08:21 pm

The poll was held amongst legal experts, the source of the article is here: http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/news/poll-canada-best-g20-country-to-be-a-woman-india-worst/

It actually says nothing about Turkey besides its position on the ranking.

Thread: Keeping the queen waiting

47.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 16 Jun 2012 Sat 08:17 pm


Quoting tunci



I dont think your queen got bored from waiting just 15 minutes..she is lucky as that could have been 30 minutes That is not a big deal.




I think this is the first time in her life that she had to wait at an official event...just standing there, in her full state-outfit. Must have been an interesting experience for her

Thread: Keeping the queen waiting

48.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 16 Jun 2012 Sat 12:28 pm

As I have metioned elsewhere, this is a special year for Turkey and Holland. This year marks the 400 year anniversary of their diplomatic relations. For that reason there have been a lot of official and unofficial visits.

A few months back Gül visited Holland. He was also invited to a special dinner with the Queen of The Netherlands. ...and Gül was late... Seriously. The Queen was standing there, just waiting for him for 15 minutes. In Holland we have a saying "the Turkish 15 minutes," but to take that cultural phenomenon all the way to the queen is a bit rude.. Oh well, the press laughed about it.

And now last week, is was the Queen´s turn to visit Turkey. She would be greeted by Erdogan. It is protocol for Erdogan to arrive first, and the Queen to arrive later... However, Erdogan was LATE! His plane arrived to late in Ankara, which meant the Queen´s plane had to circle around Ankara before she could land after Erdogan...

I have to say, the jokes about Turks always being late now have presidential support The "Turkish 15 minutes" even count for the Queen!

Thread: Best And Worst G20 Countries For Women

49.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 16 Jun 2012 Sat 12:17 pm


Quoting stumpy

women in Canada after giving birth have up to a year of paid maternity leave, wish other women around the world had at least a fraction of what we have here.


Actually, I wouldn´t want a year materity leave. In Holland it´s a few months, and that´s enough for me. However, I think man should also get more paternity leave, and not just 1 week! That way they get more involved with the kids, and the idea that BOTH parents are responsible for the kids (not only the women) gets more accepted in society. That would take a part of the double burden from the women.

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Thread: Gay Teens and Suicide

50.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 16 Jun 2012 Sat 12:13 pm


Quoting catwoman

I just saw this article in the news and I thought it´s so heartbreaking:


Gay Teen Commits Suicide


"Brandon Elizares, a 16-year-old from El Paso, Tex., took his own life early this month after being bullied and threatened at school because of his sexuality, KVIA-TV reports.

"My name is Brandon Joseph Elizares and I couldn´t make it," his suicide note read, according to the station. "I love you guys with all of my heart."


This brings me to the topic of hatred towards people are might be a little different then the majority and how heartless and cruel people can be to them even to the point that these people would decide to take their own lives. This is especially prevalent in religious or conservative societies, interestingly! They tend to be LESS compassionate and accepting towards others!!

Some studies say that 30-40% of gay/lesbian youth have attempted suicide. What are we doing to them as a society?


Hm, had the blank post problem again I was already shocked last year to hear that 10% of the Dutch gay youth had thought about suicide (opposed to 5% of straight youth), so hearing that in the US it is around 30% is a disaster. I think hearing about your sexuality in the news every day, as a political topic, doesn´t help these kids. To hear some politician say that he will ban gay marriage, and thus influencing your future and your rights MUST have an effect. The US is supposed to be the land of the free, the land of opportunity. How does equal rights for gay couples not fit in that picture? If people would stop talking about being gay as being an "alternative lifestyle" or a "choice", than perhaps these kids would feel more accepted, and the others bullying these kids would have nothing to bully about.

Right now there are making laws in Holland to teach about gay and straight to young kids in school. It will not be about sexuality, but more about the fact that it IS possible for two men or two women to love eachother. It should be the duty of the parents to teach this, but with the ever changing society this family-teaching is becoming less and less.

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