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Thread: Aegean town welcomes James Bond film team

91.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 May 2012 Mon 01:23 pm


Quoting Abla

This is where the world has come. When I was young James Bond was considered crap and rubbish, nowadays it is notable art. We should be proud even if our country was just mentioned in a JB film.


... jeezy, how old are you? When I was young James Bond was not considered crap. It was not as cool as the direction they have taken now... it was more humorous (with Pierce Brosnan and such). And I know that my father has always consdired James Bond cool. How about Sean Connery, who´s cooler than him?! I do find the new James Bond movies of higher quality than the old ones. There is more story to it, and James is not a 1 dimensional character anymore.

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Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

92.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 May 2012 Mon 01:20 pm




I think the majority of the Turkish people want to keep the museum just the way it is. Just a handfull of frustrated people want to change it... ill-treatment by the west, blah. It´s not the west that decided this should be a museum, and Christianity is also not a "western" religion. They´re clearly some people who don´t know what they´re talking about.

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Thread: Turkish religion officials rule out haram fatwa for protests

93.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 May 2012 Mon 01:18 pm


Quoting tunci


Turkish religion officials rule out haram fatwa for protests

An Islamic body in Malaysia, the National Fatwa Committee, announced May 6 that it was not permissible for Muslims to participate in any rally intending to oust a government or cause disturbance in the country. However, a religious official in Turkey disagreed, saying it was a constitutional right for people to participate in protests.


Here I was thinking the basis of Turkey was its secular constitution, meaning that some Malaysian committee has NOTHING to do with the choices Turkish people can legally make... We shouldn´t give attention to committees like this, and it´s a shame that the Turkish religious official had to comment on it, to prevent some looneys from following the Malaysian advice. By the way, I see no religious base on which the Malaysian comments can be founded.

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Thread: Thousands pray for Istanbul landmark to become mosque

94.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 28 May 2012 Mon 01:10 pm

Thread: With the train from Paris to Istanbul

95.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 25 May 2012 Fri 06:33 pm


Quoting Abla

Years ago I took the train from Stockholm to Istanbul. I don´t know if it is possible any more. I never needed to change the train, they just politely adviced me to change the vagon now and then. Unfortunately I can´t remember how long it took, days anyway, and I was travelling uncomfortably in the second class. When I finally arrived at Sirkeci Garı I was so tired and miserable I almost fell down under the weight of my rucksack.


Ne günlerdi o günler.


There is another story here about someone who took the long distance train to Istanbul but this happened after the first world war (my trip was a little bit later):




Well, you shouldn´t do such a trip in one go. The whole idea of travelling by train is not the destination, but the travel is part of the adventure. I got off in a lot of major cities. I saw a lot of great cities along the way. Some trains were comfortable, some a bit less I spend about 3, 4 weeks travelling. Ofcourse I could have done it faster, but it´s good to take it slow. Wish I took it even slower!

Thread: With the train from Paris to Istanbul

96.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 25 May 2012 Fri 06:31 pm

Thread: With the train from Paris to Istanbul

97.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 23 May 2012 Wed 10:30 pm

Recently I have completed a long-time wish of mine. I travelled by train from Paris to Istanbul (ofcourse stopping a lot along the way!). This route has been dubbed the Orient expres, but in fact there is not one route that is the one true Orient expres route. The trainline has had different routes throughout the years.

Anyway, this leaves some room to make your own decisions, but before it was clear that my final route would go through Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia and ending in Istanbul. Backpacking my way through Europe I met a lot of people in hostels. Chatting away some people adviced me to avoid Bulgaria. They had some problems there with customs and criminal activities. As I was travelling alone I decided that it wouldn´t hurt me to try a route through Greece.

So, from Budapest I did take the train to Belgrade. But from there I went to Skopje, planning to take the train to Thessaloniki in Greece. In Skopje I was told that the train to Greece hadn´t been going for about 2, 3 years! But the lady behind the informationdesk at Skopje station told me I could go with the train to the Greek border, and take a bus from there to Thessaloniki. I took the train...and no bus! The only way to cross the border from Macedonia to Greece was by taxi... bye bye 50 euro

From Thessaloniki I took the train to Alexandroupolis. There used to be a train from there to Turkey, but ofcourse that didn´t exist anymore! So I spend the night there and took a bus across the border. Since it was important for me to arrive by train in Istanbul, I decided to get out in Tekirdag. The next morning I took a bus to the trainstation in Muratli. You have to walk a short distance on the track to reach the trainstation, from the main road. The train arrived on time in Muratli!

The trains in Turkey arrive on time... an upside. They are also relatively clean, and very comfortable. The only downside of trains in Turkey... they go EXTREMELY slow! I timed the average speed of the train... 50km per hour. So the train isn´t the best way to get around, but it is an adventure! And if you want to do the Orient Expres... just go through Sofia...

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Thread: Muslims Are Not the Mastermind Behind Sep. 11 Terrorism Attack

98.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 23 May 2012 Wed 10:13 pm


Quoting Erkan_iii


I will not talk about it too much. I would rather let this movie tell the truth about who was the mastermind behind this terrorist attack in details and by tangible evidance.

Not to mention here that this decumentary is not made by Arabs or Muslims, it was created by Native American who undertook the task of revealing only the truth and nothing but the truth and show how is the world is fooled and controled by a bunch of scums who spread hatred against innocent people.


The Decumentary Movie is called: " The Missing Link: The definitve Truth about 9/11"

The link to see the whole movie is : http://www.911missinglinks.com/watch-movie/

I am not sure if it was loaded complet on the youtube.com


O My lord help us to reveal the truth and spread peace on this earth.


I think it would be better for you to not deny the fact that crazy psycho Muslims were behind the attack. It would be more helpfull to state "yes, it was some crazy people who did this, but not all Muslim are like this. The vast majority of the Muslims are against these attacks." There are bad apples in every group. Not every Muslim is a good person! Just like not every Dutchy is a good person.

Thread: Guidance of Lord

99.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 23 May 2012 Wed 10:09 pm

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Thread: Origin of languages

100.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 22 May 2012 Tue 05:17 pm

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