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Turkish phrases,common sayings and slang words
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60.       scalpel
1472 posts
 30 May 2011 Mon 05:04 pm


Quoting tunci


 But " hastalık hastası " is only for person who is unceasingly worry about his/her health.


Not : Some Turkish people including me are sometimes acting like "hastalık hastası " ...{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}



I didn´t know you, hocam, are an hypochondriac (hastalık hastası like Argan in Le Malade Imaginaire by Molliere {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}


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61.       tunci
7149 posts
 30 May 2011 Mon 05:49 pm


Scalpel, I said "sometimes" ..not all the time..as you know most of turks, men and women acts like that..{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile} May be thats one of the thing that makes us Turkish...)

By the way, note that last time I ve seen a doctor was 3 years ago..)


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62.       tunci
7149 posts
 31 May 2011 Tue 05:22 pm

Baş belası ----> Nuisance , pain in the neck.

O baş belasının teki ----> He/She is pain in the neck.

Can I be nuisance and ask one more sugar ? ---> Yüzsüzlük yapıp bir şeker daha isteyebilir miyim ?

Kapa çeneni ---> [not polite] Shut up, Belt up

Dar görüşlü ----> Narrow minded, Narrow sighted.

Onlar çok dar görüşlü insanlar ----> They are very narrow sighted people

insan - human

insanlar - people

millet - [slang] folks, people

ahali [slang] folks

kişi - person , indivudial

şahıs - person, individual

Birey - individual

Fert - individual

Halk - people, nation

Türk Halkı --->  Turkish people

İngiliz Halkı --->  English people





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63.       tunci
7149 posts
 31 May 2011 Tue 06:44 pm


Çene çalmak [saying]----> [literally "to play chin" ] which means "to chat with someone" "to talk with someone"

Çene çalmayı bırak , işe geç kalacağız ---> Stop chatting , we are gonna be late for work.

Çene yapmak [saying] ----> [ literally " to make chin" ] Same as "Çene çalmak"

Çenesi düşük [saying ]------>[literally " A person whose chin is low " ] which means " A person who is talking too much".

O, çenesi düşük birisi ------>  He is a person that talks too much.

Çenebaz -----> Chatty person

Konuşkan ------> Talkative person

Onun çenesinden bıktım ----> I am fed up of his/her talking too much.

so in the example above, "çene [chin] " is used as talking too much.








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64.       tunci
7149 posts
 31 May 2011 Tue 07:04 pm


sakat ---> [slang] [literally "disabled,handicapped [person] ] which means "dodgy", something that is not to be trusted. Uncertain, unpredictible thing or situation.

O iş biraz sakat ---> That is a bit dodgy, That is something that cant be trusted.

Bugünlerde işler biraz sakat ----> Things are bit unpredictible nowadays

                                              Things are bit uncertain nowadays.

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65.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 Jun 2011 Wed 01:52 am


Çok gıcıksın [slang] -----> You are very irritating

Ona gıcık kaptım [slang] ------> I am irritated by him/her

gıcık tutmak -------> to have a tickle in the throat

gıcıklaşma !  ---------> don´t get irritating !


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66.       MelisK
1 posts
 01 Jun 2011 Wed 08:22 am

Owww thank you soo much for your efforts...I will print all these words and learn so I can talk better with my mother in lawD

67.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 Jun 2011 Wed 10:47 am


Hayat arkadaşı ---> [literally " friend of life " ] which means "spouse ", "my other half"

Hayatının baharı ---> [literally " spring of one´s life ] which means " early times of one´s life","early years of one´s life "

Hayatının baharında yitirdik onu ---->  We lost him when he was young. [we lost him when he was at early age of his life]

Hayatım ----> My life [ its said to someone you love ]

Hayata gözlerini yummak ---> [ literally " to close your eyes to the life" ] which means "to die"  

Hayatta kalmak ---> [ literally " to stay at life " ] which means "to survive"

Hayatta kalmak için su içmek zorundayız ---> we have to drink water to survive.

Hayatın tadını çıkarmak --->  To enjoy life

Daha çok gençsin, hayatının tadını çıkar ! --> You are too young , enjoy your life !

Baban hayatta mı ? ---> is your father still alive ?

Londra´da hayat çok pahalı --->  Life in London is too expensive

Hayatın anlamı nedir sence ? What is the meaning of life in your opinion ?

Hayat kadını ----> Prostitute

Hayatım kaydı  [slang ]---> Everything ruined in my life

Hayata atılmak ----> to begin to make living, to begin to earn money

Çocuk yaşta hayata atıldım --->  I began to make living when I was child.






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68.       tunci
7149 posts
 01 Jun 2011 Wed 11:44 pm


Ev sahibi ----> Landlord [ the owner of the house]

Kiracı ---> renter, tenant

Bir ev kiraladım ---> I rented a house.

Bir daire kiraladım ---> I rented an apartment.

Mobilyalı ------> Furnished

Satılık ev ---> House for sale

Kiralık ev ----> House for rent

A spacious 3 bedroom house ---> Geniş 3 odalı ev

Kirayı arttırmak ---> to increase the rent

Ev sahibi kirayı arttırmak istiyor --> The landlord want to increase the rent



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69.       tunci
7149 posts
 02 Jun 2011 Thu 12:27 am

Bir fincan kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır ---> [proverb] One should remember even small kindnesses.

Bir eli yağda bir eli balda olmak ---> [literally " A person whose one hand in the butter,other hand in the honey ] which means " A person who has very comfortable,wealthy life ]

Senin bir elin yağda bir elin bağda ---> You have a very comfortable life with no worries.

Bir şeye yaramaz ---> Good for nothing, useless

O adam bir şeye yaramaz ---> That man is good for nothing, useless

O bir bardak votkayı bir solukta içti ---> He drunk a glass of votka at one go.



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70.       tunci
7149 posts
 02 Jun 2011 Thu 12:49 am


Yerinde olsam ---> [ literally " If I was in your place" ] which means If I was you

Senin yerinde olsam ,oraya gitmezdim ---> If I was you ,I wouldnt go there.

Onun yerinde olsam , o arabayı almazdım --> If I was him/her, I wouldnt buy that car.

Sizin yerinizde olsam, bugün evde dinlenirdim ---> If I was you [plural] I would have a rest at home.

Onların yerinde olsam, o kadar o evi tutmazdım ---> If I was in their place, I wouldnt rent that house.



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