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Travelling to Turkey

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Biggest motivation
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40.       sue
5 posts
 20 May 2005 Fri 08:39 pm

On the subject of Turkish men I have found them all to be very possesive. I love the way they try to speak in english and mix up there words. I do know they are very caring unlike some American and Canadian men yet they are all in a big hurry for love and marriage. They want it all now. As soon as they think you are there woman for them they just go and dont stop. I am still oddly attracted to Turkish men but there controling does bother me.

41.       misty
1 posts
 22 May 2005 Sun 04:53 am

I am from America, and I married a Turkish man. He is the best thing in my life, he is so sweet and so kind and so caring. I went to Istanbul and that is where we got married. It was the best time of my life, everyone was so great and polite, unlike most Americans. I met him on the internet and we were instantly in love. I have noticed that the Turkish men are a little possesive, but they are romantic beyond belief. They believe in romance and show you how much they do. If I had to do it all over again, I would!!!!!!

42.       Dilara
1153 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 01:29 am

Well, I come from a Latin American country and I think that here Guys are also very possessive and jealous...so that's not a Turkish Behaviour ONLY...But I personally think that being extremely possessive with your partnet reflects not love but INSECURITY and a bit of egoism too...Just to add something new...Why so SO MANY turkish girls changed their hair color and now a lot of them are Blond???!!!!...is that what turkish guys want?? or what???....
I'm looking forward to hearing your comments about this!
Dark-Haired Forever!!! =)

43.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 12:01 pm

That's true, many turkish boys like blond-haired girls ( or girls think so), that's the reason why turkish girls change their hair colour. But from my observation I know that more than blonde hair turkish boys like blue eyes (or in other light colour). I was veeery suprised when one of my turkish friends said that he liked my dark brown hair (I'm naturally blonde but I change my hair colour quite often so in every photo my hair is different) but my red hair even more. I asked why (so far I was sure that Turks don't like "kizil sacli kizlar' ( in Istanbul I met only to red hair girls and they for sure weren't Turks)and he answered "because u have grey eyes"

44.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 08:45 pm

i dont agree with you..
i had only one gf whose eyes are green..
but of course we left..
generally liking/loving doesnt depend on physical apperance..
first u have to communicate with her/him..if u just take care of her appearance, what will you do if she doesn speak with you..
second.. you can just spare time with her..or waste time with her.. that is all..after for a while..not sharing, not talking, not love.. just be together..no emotion..
altough i have this gf,, i prefer to split up...

45.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 09:41 pm

Of course, u are absolutely right, but I haven't wrote a word about love here. I was just about appearance. U are right, when u love someone truly, the physical appearance is less impotrant, in further relationship maybe even the least.
Teh story I wrote was about my friend not a boyfriend, I couldn't be with a person to whom my hair and eyes colour is the most important thing. This is something what can be changed. The person's charakter and each other's understanding can't be changed- it is good or not.

46.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 10:16 pm

but, Duskahvesi - you are Turk, you live in Turkey, in a city where there are many Turkish girls with "blonde" hair. Maybe you would tell us - why they change their hair colour into blonde?

47.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 10:22 pm

believe me i dont have any idea
but nowadays it is fashion..
a girl who has very brown hair makes her hair blond..
and believe me it seems that she a creature

48.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 10:24 pm

oh yes I saw it- I believe you

49.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 10:28 pm


50.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 May 2005 Wed 10:33 pm

why u always must write the last word??

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